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Aug 20, 2009 11:11 AM

Romantic Birthday Dinner in Mississauga for Two

I am looking for a romantic restaurant in the Mississauga area for a Friday night.
Looking for someplace with a nice decor with and some quality food.
Did a quick search and all the information seems to be a bit dated (2+ years)

Looking to spend ~$60-80/person.
It seems that most places appear to be located in the Port Credit vicinity.

So far I've found a couple options:

Rosewood Bistro
Aielli Ristorante

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  1. Is the $60-80pp. including drinks?

    I haven't had great meals at Aielli; Via Allegro is fairly close (across from Sherway Gardens) and much better (though it can get fairly pricey... $60-80pp. without drinks should be okay though, if you watch what you eat). There's also Alioli, which is less pricey than Via Allegro (and maybe less pricey than Aielli even).

    Perhaps Breakwater in Port Credit. You could also try Kumai Sushi for good sushi!

    As for decor, there aren't a lot of restaurants that look wonderful, and if they are, the food usually isn't that great (in Mississauga). What is your idea of romantic?

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      Thanks for the input tjr. I checked into your suggestion and from the menu's and picture's they look good. Budget wise it would $60-80 w/o drinks.

      Romantic for me would be the overall decor and a mix of the ambiance of the restaurant. However like you said the quality of the food is more important than the decor.

      Once again I appreciate your insight.

      1. re: TmaX

        I'd really suggest Via Allegro. It can get a bit noisy, and the location is a bit strange, but I find the food to be quite good. They also have excellent wine, whiskey and grappa lists. $60-80 should be fine as long as you stray from the most expensive menu options. Portions are pretty big too.

        If you're looking for somewhere a little more quiet, Breakwater might be nice (they have a prix fixe, I believe), especially if the weather cooperates and you can take a walk around the waterfront area as the sun sets. Maybe even retire to Snug Harbour for some drinks (though not food, the food isn't very good). Roc'n Docs also has a nice rooftop patio, though it isn't romantic (and the crowd is less than desirable).

      2. re: tjr

        FYI, Kumai is under new management and without a liquor license at the moment. Was there last night and they couldn't tell us when they'd be serving liquor again.

        1. re: NovoCuisine

          Really? Is it still Japanese owned? Who is the sushi chef? I hope this won't become a terrible turn of events!

          1. re: tjr

            I'm sorry I only saw this reply now!

            All the staff was the same, from what I could tell. I do not know who the new owners are. I had the same waitress/hostess as usual, who informed me immediately upon my arrival, with regret, that they couldn't serve me my usual sake. The sushi chef was also the same. The food was still great, but I do like my sake or beer with sashimi!