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Aug 20, 2009 10:54 AM


My son brought a bottle of Alize to the cabin....can anything make this palatable??

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  1. A few shots of everlcear first? ;)

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    1. re: BackBite

      Unforunately I can't get Everclear in British Columbia......mind you there is a distillery on the island Hornby Island)

      1. re: pgj98m3

        Sadly, you might be out of luck. How about a few shots of whatever strong stuff you have won't make the Alize any more drinkable, but at least you won't care! :)

    2. According to Tupac, Alize and Cristal makes a Thug Passion. Doubt it tastes very good, but you could impress your son by drinking what the rappers drink!

      Actually, I have a copy of Grog Log from Beachbum Berry and he references Alize in the beginning as a passionfruit liquor. I believe Alize is passionfruit and cognac, so maybe you can google some tiki drinks that use passionfruit? It's summer and it's hot, so a nice tiki drink could be nice.

        1. Mix it with rum and brandy, 1/3rd each. You won't mind after the 2nd sip.

          1. mix with seltzer for a spritzer? It's really very sweet.