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Aug 20, 2009 10:40 AM

Farmer's booth on Birchmount Road, Agincourt


Would someone be kind enough to tell if a local farmer's booth on Birchmont Road (north side), north of Sheppard Ave. E., is still operational? Farmers would come in with their fresh produce and sell them in the tiny outdoor booth which is near a local golf course and Stephen Leacock HS. I used to buy fresh corn from them. Thank you.

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  1. The booth hasn't been operational in a long time. I think the land has been sold to a developer.

    1. The booth has been gone for a long time....the corn people remained for awhile but not sure if they are still there....if corn is what you want then try Brimley and Ellesmere
      just north of Ellesmere on Brimley(west side).

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        The corn guys ARE still there, or if they're not, there are new corn guys in their place. I struck out on my bike today, originally planning to look for this stand before making my way over to the Fairview Mall farmer's market, then saw the above reply so I wasn't going to bother. Then I lost my sense of direction in the twisty residential streets north of Sheppard and wound up on Birchmount, and found the truck completely by accident. :)

        6 or 12 ears for $3 or $5, respectively, picked this morning and purchased right off the back of the truck. Haven't sampled it yet, but considering the folks at Fairview were charging $2 for 3 ears last week, I think it's probably going to prove to be worth the detour.

      2. The family who owned and ran that booth, on the small remnant of their family farm, was named Chepack. When the Agincourt farm was sold (40 or more years ago), they supplied the booth from their farm in Markham.

        I believe (I haven't driven up there in a few years) there is still a Chepack farm store in Markham (near Stouffville) at 11471 Ninth Line, 905-640-1819. It appears in this list of famers markets from the Toronto Star in 2005:

        1. Thank you everyone for your reples.
          Wahooty, you're right. We drove by on Saturday and lo and behold , a truck with "Sweet Ridge Farm" painted on its door was there, with loads of corn piled at the back for sale.
          Have sampled the corn, which was sweet but rather mature and not young corn. Actually we purchased corn (3/$1.99) from Sun Valley store,and they're sweeter and young.

          1. Mrs. bytepusher grew up around there and went to Leacock so we buying corn here for >25 years. It was always the two original brothers who ran the stand, their kids and grandkids seemed less than enthused about the whole operation. Belief in the neighbourhood was that the old guys liked to run the stand just to keep busy as they were perceived as not needing the money since it was generally believed, without any evidence to support this, that Metro had paid millions to buy out the farm.

            I'm fairly certain that the stand fell into disuse because the old guys got too ill and/or passed on. I don't think the people there now have anything to do with the original people.

            The corn was OK, but boy do I ever miss the runny butter tarts they used to sell.

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            1. re: bytepusher

              Your observations agree with mine. I'm pretty sure that one brother was named Paul, and I think the other was John. They always gave you 13 corn in a dozen, but there was never a bad one. The Chepack farm store on 9th Line just south of Stouffville had butter tarts the last time I was there, but I don't know how they compare with thirty years ago.