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Aug 20, 2009 10:37 AM

Restaurants with-in walking distance to the Santa Monica Pier................

Is there any outstanding restaurants with-in walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier.I am taking my wife to Cirque Du Soleil and would like to park once and walk to the show.Thank You in advance!

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  1. The Lobster is closest, and I consider it to be very good.

    1. What do you consider "walking distance"?

      There's The Lobster right on the pier.

      A bit further south of the pier is Ocean and Vine, Capo, Whist, and One Pico.

      Just north of the pier is Boa Steakhouse and Anissette.

      1. Next door to One Pico is Catch (in the Casa del Mar hotel) which I consider to be superior to Pico. Just across the street from the pier is Ivy at the Shore, which many consider to be good, if somewhat expensive.

        1. Capo is excellent and very expensive.

          I Cugini serves delicious Italian seafood & fish.

          Lobster has a killer view, but can get loud, and some of the food's been inconsistent, imo.

          Love Catch at Casa del Mar. Love Anisette & Boa, as well, all are expensive, with different types of food. And loved Whist, tho haven't been back since new chef appeared.

          Those would be the most "outstanding" IMO.

          1. Riva, Bar Pinxto, Houston's, Border Grill, Chinois on Main, Via Veneto. Via Veneto is the furthest away (1.3 miles), but a nice stroll along the beach after dinner and before the show can be enjoyable.

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              All good choices. But Chinois & Via are in Venice, for the OP. You may want to cab it. And there is so much right where you will be, I don't really find those places worth the hike, if I had to walk.

              1. re: Phurstluv

                Actually, both of them are still in Santa Monica. I mentioned them because they are right by my house and I will be making the walk to the pier for Cirque du Soleil as well - so they are aren't outside what I would consider walking range. I wouldn't think of cabbing such a short distance.

                1. re: joshekg

                  You're right, they're Main Street, which is closer to Venice than the pier.

                  1. re: joshekg

                    Okay, I just drove to the airport & back last night, and all I could think about was this particular post, since I was going right past the pier & Main St.

                    Let me tell you something about women. We don't like to spend time on our hair & makeup, get dressed for dinner, and then expect to walk 1.3 miles (x2!) and get all sweaty and our cute new shoes or heels are hurting our feet! Trust me, makes for a very CRANKY wife. So, if you're with a date, and want to walk that far to dinner & back, WARN her, so she wears sneakers, or expect to get a cab!

                    1. re: Phurstluv

                      The other thing about women, is, we don't like to have any one person speak for all of us. :-)

                      Chinois to the Pier is a very pleasant 1 mile stroll, each way. I've done it in 3" heels, and it wasn't an issue. But visions of deep-fried fish dancing in my head might've kept my feet motivated! ;-)

                      But if you and your companion aren't feeling up for the stroll, there is also the fun little Santa Monica Tide Bus that will take you there, or any of the municipal buses, if you only want to walk one way (or hitch a ride both ways).

                      I think Chinois would be a fabulous addition to your night at Cirque.

                      1. re: LicketySplit

                        Excuse me for bringing up a point. Obviously, I wasn't speaking for you. ;-)

                        1. re: Phurstluv

                          yeah, usuallly girls if they are dressed to the nines would not want to make a 3mile trek in high heels but then again what do i know????

                          there's also that italian joint, the old majiofso style joint right by lobster just a short jau8nt away as well as chez jay a couple blocks away.

                          1. re: kevin

                            If they are dressed to the nines they most likely aren't going to be happy to be taken to Chez Jay's either.

                            1. re: Servorg

                              you're point is well taken.

                              come to think of it no wonder why there was no second date.

                            2. re: kevin

                              Which old Mafioso joint are you referring to?? I'm trying to rack my brain... Capo?

                              I Cugini? Il Fornaio?

                              1. re: kevin

                                Is Bruce Marder a mafioso? Who knew?

                                1. re: Senzinina

                                  I didn't even think he was Italian!!

                          2. re: Phurstluv

                            I agree that for some people this may be outside their comfort range for walking, but I included them since it would be within walking range for others. And yes, a 1 mile walk for a woman wearing heals require a courtesy warning.

                            1. re: joshekg

                              Appreciate that you've acknowledged my point :). That makes women happy too!!! (LOL) But again, if she's prepared, she probably wouldn't mind the walk on a nice summer night. ;)

                              PS - to Licketysplit, I'm still not speaking for you!! ;)