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Aug 20, 2009 10:34 AM

Review of Ralph's La Jolla CA

Spending a few days in La Jolla. One of my favorites. Around the corner (about .4 mile) from the Residence Inn by Marriott and right near Adat Yeshurin shul is the new kosher deli and bakery in the Ralph's at Village Square. This is an impressive set-up. Some kinks need to be worked out, though. Huge baked goods section. Unique and delicious artisanal breads. Fancy cakes and some cookies/muffins. No clear marking of kosher on the tables (the packages are marked) so you can easily drift into the non-kosher baked goods. The deli closes at 6:30. Why? They don't put out pre-packed sandwiches so after that you can grab a rotisserie chicken if there still are some out (only 2 were out at 6:30). The kosher freezer and fridge sections are stocked. There was plenty of sushi to be had after hours(5.99 with club card or 6.99). Deli: burger and fries= 5.99. Pastrami sandwich and a side of potato salad: 8.99. Rotisserie or fried chicken: 10.99 a chicken. They need to allow for purchase of mains without sides. We wanted a few burgers and one or two sides of fries, but that doesn't happen. You have to get the fries or other side with everything. And they only have huge plastic take out containers so it is uncomfortable to take out. No bags. Polite service, but a bit clueless at times. They were offering tastes of the deli and of their soups (just Tabatchnik). They need to mark things better, allow for ordering the burgers and hot dogs alone, package differently and offer prepared sandwiches in the fridge for travelers who arrive after 6:30. We will try the coffea bean and tea leaf and golden spoon yogurt that are found in the store tomorrow. This is the third market with a kosher section that we have found on this trip (more reviews when the trip is over) where the kosher isn't marked well. Are we hiding something? I thought there is a demand for kosher even among people who don't usually keep it.

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