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Aug 20, 2009 10:04 AM

Poached Steak?

So I have on the stove now some chicken covered with some mexican sauces, juices and spices, and I was going to let that cook all day until it falls apart. I was wondering if I threw a flank steak into the sauce, would that cook through just like the chicken? or would it take forever?

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  1. HamOnMyBones-- to me, simmering the chicken "all day" is the cooking equivalent of "forever". The flank steak would definitely cook through, and left long enough at a gentle simmer would be tender, too.
    Do you mean to have this served together, or just as a way to gain some tender, flavored beef for a different dish? Maybe the chicken should be removed long before the beef? Is this in a crockpot, dutch oven, or what?

    1. Sure, slice up the flank steak thin enough and it'll cook through, although this wouldn't be the most effective, or best, way of cooking a flank steak.

      1. The process is commonly known as a braise, from the French word 'braiser". It won't take all day for your chicken to fall apart and overcooking it, even in a braise, can leave it dry and disppointing.

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          In addition, I can't imagine how dry a braised flank steak would be. A quick sear is all it needs.

        2. Did you end up trying it? I'm curious if it turned out.

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            thanks for all the replies. the chicken came out excellent, just falling apart with a lot of flavor. i threw the steak in raw and let it simmer and poach for about 2 hrs. it tasted pretty good, except that it ended up tasting a lot like stew beef, which wasn't what i was going for at all. i was also wrong about it being flank steak, it was actually flat iron. next time, i think i'm going to grill up the steak before and throw it in the mix so that it just takes up some of the flavor without turning into stew beef.