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Aug 20, 2009 10:02 AM

fresh-picked corn btwn Marsh Creek & (western) Main Line?

I'm sure there must be something along the way, but I just can't think where. Anyone with a clue? Prefer organic (certified, in transition, IPM, whatever - just not 100% conventional). Same-day picked = essential. I don't want to go as far south as Pete's or Wynnorr - surely there must be something somewhere through Downingtown, Glenmoore, Charlestown ... ??? Thanks!

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  1. There's a guy on Rt 100 in Eagle in front of Moore's furniture that sells his own corn on the weekends. Also, if he's not there then there is a small farmers market just north of the Sunoco station on the corner of 401 and 100. I think the corn comes from the same farm. Good Luck!

    1. There is also Hurricane Hill Farm on Reeceville Rd. in Coatesville. Where the corn maze is - although I am not sure about organic...

      Here's a good website:

      And this guide is wonderful:

      1. Pearl's on Rte. 100 just a few feet north (west side) of the intersection with 401. He has a few other offshoots, but that is his main one. We are buying corn there three times a week at this time of year.