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Aug 20, 2009 09:25 AM

Help! Trying to Find a Venue for a Private Party in the Davis, Central or Harvard Sq. Areas

Hi everyone,

I'm the chair of a Boston alumni group for a NE liberal arts college. We need to host an event this Sept for the local alums to meet up for a drink and maybe some apps. Since this is geared more towards some of the younger alums who tend to live out in Cambridge we figured something in the Davis / Central or Harvard areas would be most feasible.

Unfortunately for myself, having lived in the South End for the past few years I am least familiar with these regions and have little clue as to what the options are...

We would be looking for a private space for ~50-65 people likely a mostly cash bar but up for some creative stub ticket/open bar options. Would look to order some appetizers but are working with a somewhat limited budget. Cash outlays to be partly funded from our annual budget and partially by charging a small cover at the door.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Can I suggest Tavern in the Square in Porter Square? Not particularly chow-worthy, but probably more the kind of place you are looking for. There is also a branch in Central Square.

    1. Yes, Tavern in the Square Central Square has sort of a side room that would be an option. Also, some friends had a private party in the back of Redline once.

      1. Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square does private parties, however I have never been, so I can't comment on how it would work. Info on their website. Middlesex Lounge in Central can also do a private function, and would have a good space/vibe for a young crowd.

        1. I know Daedalus in Harvard Sq. will host such events on their second floor, though I'm not sure how expensive it gets if you want to keep it entirely private. The food isn't anything to swoon over, but the room itself is very nice (greenhouse-like with a lot of windows) and there is an outside patio.