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Aug 20, 2009 09:24 AM

Sebago Lake region

We are looking forward to our annual time on Sebago Lake (Raymond). We do some dinners in Portland, we never fail to go to Bray's in Naples, and I am always hoping that there will be someplace else along the Eastern shore of the lake to feel optimistic about. I'm looking for suggestions within ~10 miles of Raymond, which includes the whole East shore of the lake and inland as far as, say, Gray. We like all kinds of food; extra points for menus with more produce and variety beyond the lobster/burger/fish-and-chips routine.
That said, tell me what's your favorite place for lobster, as well!
Thanks, Fern

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  1. I don't know about food but make sure you go to Mosquitoe's for ice cream!!

    1. As touristy as it may be I enjoy the Lobster pound in Naples.

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      1. Bob's Seafood in Windham for fried fish and scallops.
        The Good Life Market on 302 for excellent and creative sandwiches.
        Chutes on 302 for breakfast and BBQ.

        I can't recommend the Lobster Pound-- just too overpriced and overhyped for my taste.

        1. Migis Lodge is open to the public for all meals, which prior to Labor Day, include a lobster bake. It's all fixed price, the food is abundant and very good, and you can't be the location or the ambiance at the timelss family classic. Worth every penny.

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            I don't think we've ever been to Bob's, but we have been grateful for Good Life many times. I have known a bit about Migis Lodge but I never knew there was public dining.

          2. The dining room at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in South Casco has everything you're looking for - fabulous food, a superb(inexpensive wine list, and great views out onto the Lake. Checkout the Portland Press Herald for their ads offering a full 5 course dinner for just $30.