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best chicken fried steak in nyc?

i've had a huge craving for good chicken fried steak but haven't been able to satisfy it yet. my mouth is watering just typing this. any suggestions for manhattan?

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  1. Chat and Chew
    Delta Grill
    Brother Jimmy's
    Acme Bar and Grill

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      I'm gonna have to ax-ney brother jimmy's. it's really dry and leathery

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        chat and chew is bad (unevenly cooked, soggy) but still delicious; duke's is pretty bad-ass.

      2. Virgils on 44th makes a very good chicken fried steak. Might be the only place in the city i have had one?!?!?

        1. cafeteria does a good slightly upscaled version

          1. Blue smoke's is pretty good but i'm sure you'll get a lot of complainers that its too expensive and more haute than classic chicken fried steak.

            Dukes isn't bad. I used to like the one at Virgils but haven't had it in years.

            1. Try Marfa in the old Waikiki Wally's spot.

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                Has anyone tried Marfa's chicken fried steak? I'd love to find a good one in the East Village. 9th st. Market had a good CFS, but they went out of business. I bought some cube steak at Trader Joe's the other day and made it myself, but it was a little thick... could have used a little more pounding.

                1. i work fairly close by to dukes so i'm going to try there on friday. i'll let you guys know how it was.

                    1. The bar South's in Tribeca at least USED to have a pretty solid version. Not exactly Texas, or the JJ's special of Missoula.

                      1. Before it moved, Hog Pit had some good CFS (so good the first time that when we finished it, we wanted to order it again, not because it wasn't huge, just because it hit the spot). I haven't been since the move, but its worth a try! They also occasionally had fried okra as a special but definitely not all the time, and the other sides were pretty good too (cheese grits! greens!).

                        Agree that 9th St Market's was pretty good too. Maybe good CFS is the restaurant kiss of death in NYC?

                        Hope you found a good one!