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Aug 20, 2009 09:04 AM

best chicken fried steak in nyc?

i've had a huge craving for good chicken fried steak but haven't been able to satisfy it yet. my mouth is watering just typing this. any suggestions for manhattan?

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  1. Chat and Chew
    Delta Grill
    Brother Jimmy's
    Acme Bar and Grill

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    1. re: notsochubbychubette

      I'm gonna have to ax-ney brother jimmy's. it's really dry and leathery

      1. re: notsochubbychubette

        chat and chew is bad (unevenly cooked, soggy) but still delicious; duke's is pretty bad-ass.

      2. Virgils on 44th makes a very good chicken fried steak. Might be the only place in the city i have had one?!?!?

        1. cafeteria does a good slightly upscaled version

          1. Blue smoke's is pretty good but i'm sure you'll get a lot of complainers that its too expensive and more haute than classic chicken fried steak.

            Dukes isn't bad. I used to like the one at Virgils but haven't had it in years.

            1. Try Marfa in the old Waikiki Wally's spot.

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              1. re: Michael Ambrosio

                Has anyone tried Marfa's chicken fried steak? I'd love to find a good one in the East Village. 9th st. Market had a good CFS, but they went out of business. I bought some cube steak at Trader Joe's the other day and made it myself, but it was a little thick... could have used a little more pounding.