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Aug 20, 2009 08:34 AM

Roka Akor - Scottsdale

Has anyone been to Roka Akor lately? I'll be going this weekend and wanted to get feedback if anyone has suggestions on what to order. Also -- anyone tried the shochu?

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  1. We had dinner there last Saturday. First, if anyone is looking for a very reasonably priced experience at Roka Akor, you have to stop in for happy hour. The happy hour menu is loaded with 12 food items priced from $3-7. The spicy sashimi salad ($7) is great, and the Roka Akor butterfish ($6) with white asparagus and Yuzu was exceptional. We also had the soft shell crab roll ($6). We tried one other dish I can't remember, and then ordered everything again. Portions are not big, but they taste great. The cocktails and food are all about half off the normal menu price during happy hour. I tried the Noshino Saketini ($6) with shochu, sake and cucumber. It was different and refreshing, but the Hani - Pru Shochu Tini (6) with shochu, honeycomp and pineapple stole the show. A great, balanced cocktail that is very easy to drink. Happy Hour runs 4-6 and 9-12. We arrived just a bit before 6 and ordered quickly at the waitresses suggestion. When we wanted to order everything again, they were nice enough to extend happy hour to 7pm.

    For dinner, we started with a chef's selection sashimi plate which came with 3 incredibly fresh and tasty selections of three different fish. Excellent start. We then shared some really good tempura of sweet potato, enoki mushrooms and japanese eggplant. Each order is only about $3-4 and there was plenty to share amongst the three of us. There tempura is light and delicate, and not at all greasy. Some of the best I've had.

    From the robata grill we had the tofu ($4), the miso marinated black cod ($26) and the lamb cutlets ($27) with Korean spices. All were excellent, especially the cod and lamb, which were cooked perfectly. We also had a rice hot pot with Japanese mushrooms ($10).

    Everything was very good. I would definitely recommend the hot pot (must have), the cod and lamb and some tempura. The robata grilled wild Madagascan Tiger Prawn is supposed to be incredible (market price), but they have been out of it every time I'm there. I'm not sure it even really exists.

    We drank some pineapple shochu and peach shochu with dinner. Both were very good and quite mild. They carve off a chunk of ice for each drink.

    We don't usually do a lot of sushi or sashimi here, but it is always excellent if that is your thing. Have a great time.


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      Thanks for all that great info, barry!

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        Our dinner here last night was fantastic. The service was incredible, constantly wiping down tables, changing the plates, etc. The open kitchen was entertaining! We probably spent upwards of $300 for four of us. I had the Hani-Pru cocktail, which barry suggested - it was fantastic. Very sweet and refreshing (a little light on the alcohol though!) We did have the chef's selection sashimi plate as well, and everyone agreed it was the freshest they've ever had. We had assorted vegetable tempura which was great - very light. The items that stole the show were the miso marinated black cod, butterfish tataki with yuzu appetizer, sweet corn with butter and soy skewer, and rice hotpot with japanese mushrooms. Next time we're taking advantage of the happy hour deals - this place is phenomenal.

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          Glad you had a good time. We'll be back soon, as well.