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Aug 20, 2009 08:32 AM

Romanian Food in NYC?

We have a tradition on the one-year anniversary of our travels to go out for the cuisine of the place we traveled the previous year. This time last year we were in Translyvania and Bucharest, Romania. Does anyone have recommendations for the best (authentic) Romanian food in NYC? I'd also take Hungarian and Bulgarian recommendations, as those are next on our anniversary itinerary. Thanks!

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  1. Not aware of anything in Manhattan (at least nothing resembling true Romanian style cuisine). Sunnyside Queens is where most of the Romanian spots are located. Romanian Garden on a pleasant stretch of Skillman Av. is one quite authentic option that can be recommended. Short trip from Manhattan.

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      Thanks very much! We're going to try it tonight!

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        What about Transylvania also in Sunnyside?

      2. Sammy's Roumanian (NOT FANCY THOUGH)
        157 Chrystie St

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          Didn't think Sammy's worth a mention. Pure kitsch. Truly mediocre. Far, far from authentic. Sorry.

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            Hahah, this is either an awesome joke or a horrible mistake! Either way, it's hilarious.

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              Sammy's isn't authentic, nor is it the best anything (other than maybe best ripoff).

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                Sammy's: horrible, horrible, horrible and expensive to boot. Didn't know anyone but crazy fratboys still went there!

            2. You have to leave Manhattan for Romanian food. There are several in Sunnyside, Queens as noted. Romanian Garden is one of the better known, and there is a lovely Romanian bakery across the street. A few blocks away on Queens boulevard (around 40 the street) there is Casa Romana, and across the street there is a place called Bucharest and one called Transylvania. I would recommend Casa Romana or Rom. Garden among them all.

              You're other option is Ridgewood, Queens. Take the M train to Forest Avenue. Along forest Avenue there and nearby Myrtle Ave. there are lots of little Romanian cafes.

              1. There's a decent, affordable Hungarian called Andre on 2nd Ave around 82nd or so --