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Aug 20, 2009 08:30 AM

CHEAP Restaurants in Astoria

Hi, I'm visiting a friend in Astoria for a week. I basically love every type of food, but am very excited for the Greek food possibilities that I've heard about in Astoria. I have been living in China, where my salary is, to put it lightly, laughably low, so I need to know some delicious, but cheap (like less than $20/person) locations. Would really appreciate any help, thanks!

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  1. Taverna Kyclades - 33-07 Ditmars Boulevard. Almost every entree is under $20.00. Lunch is an even better bargain. Dee-lish!!!

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      Second Taverna Kyclades, the best fish.

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        This is a really great, great call. This restaurant is a rock star. Mellow, no nuance, next to what was a Top Banana food store, now some kind of somewhat nicer supermarket. I lived on 41st St. in Astoria for a couple years and this was the go-to spot. It rocks.

      2. Not Greek, but Bambino has great panini's for 8 or 9 bucks and Arepas Cafe is fantastic and cheap as well.

        Also, you can grab a taco from the Taco Truck on 30th...

        For Greek, you could probably share 4 mezes among two people at Agnanti for less than $40, I think.

        1. There are a TON in Astoria. so many places - cheap and great quality. here's a recent one I've been dreaming about lately: Little Morocco. check out the bakery next door too.

          1. jb, it's "Restaurant Week" until Labor Day. That means 24 dollar lunches at some of the finest restaurants throughout NYC. Google it.

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              Darn it! Won't be in town til mid-September... Thanks for the recommendations! I'm basically excited to eat any type of food, except for Chinese. I've been living in small town where the foreign food, including all other Eastern cuisines, is beyond limited. Any cuisine recommendations is highly appreciated!

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                Second John Keenan's recs for Il Bambino and Arepas Cafe. Pollos 36 on Steinway and 36th Ave also has some cheap lunch specials. If you're willing to travel to nearby neighborhoods surrounding Astoria, you can find even better deals. Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heighhts for super filling, yummy Mexican (median entree is about $10 or less), Sriphaphai for Thai in Woodside, and of course amazing Asian choices in Flushing (not sure what kind of Chinese food you're not excited for, but there are great dumpling stands, Schezuan, plus dim sum places).

            2. I have an astoria list here. not all are cheap, but most are.