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Aug 20, 2009 08:30 AM

Wilmington- near the court houses

I am starting a new job next month near the courhouses in Wilmington and would love some suggestions for lunch spots in the area. Not just restaurants, but for quick take out items, too. Any tips would be great!

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  1. Lapp's Kitchen is moving to the spot on 9th and King where Market Bistro (was that the name??? lunch spot/food shop that went bust) used to be. Lapp's is a good bet.

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    1. re: travelmad478

      According to their website, Lapp's has temporarily closed for renovations at their new 9th & King location.

    2. Hi all! I just started and so far will most likely be ODing on Qdobe. Any other suggestions?

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      1. re: jessicheese

        I really like Bean Bag Cafe. Their address is 913 Market, but the main entrance is on the next block over (Orange, maybe? It's between 9th and 10th). Their turkey chili is very good, and I've never had a bad sandwich there.

        Also, Leo & Jimmy's on Market is supposed to be very good. Lettuce Feed You is a SaladWorks sort of place that is a few storefronts down from Qdoba.

        1. re: stephiehun

          Too bad Genelle's closed a while was my "go to" place whenever I needed a delicious quick bite downtown.