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Aug 20, 2009 08:25 AM

Mexican - Charlotte NC

What's your favorite spot for Mexican food in the Queen city?

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    1. re: Sam at Novas

      Have to agree on Taqueria Mexico. Its a favorite with several co-workers here. We've tried Allende also, but for my money, prefer Taq. Mex. Their Chili Rojo is fantastic.

      1. re: Jibe

        Me thinks I need to check out Taqueria Mexico ..... OLE!

    2. Azteca, La Unica, Taqueria Guadalajara

      1. Agree with all the above, and will add:

        Allende - South Tryon
        Taco Bar - Old Pineville & Archdale. Very sketchy, but oh those lengua and cabeza tacos!
        Lempira - South Blvd. Honduran and Mexican

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        1. I really like these, Allende, Azteca, El Pulgarcito, La Unica. Sorry, no favorite order just alphabetically this time.

            Cantina 1511 for nicer place, to meet friends for cocktails.

            1900 Mexican Grill on Park Road for their $2. drink specials.

            this is my blog about one of my favorite places with no tables, just sit on the curb and eat.