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Aug 20, 2009 08:25 AM

Mexican - Charlotte NC

What's your favorite spot for Mexican food in the Queen city?

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    1. re: Sam at Novas

      Have to agree on Taqueria Mexico. Its a favorite with several co-workers here. We've tried Allende also, but for my money, prefer Taq. Mex. Their Chili Rojo is fantastic.

      1. re: Jibe

        Me thinks I need to check out Taqueria Mexico ..... OLE!

    2. Azteca, La Unica, Taqueria Guadalajara

      1. Agree with all the above, and will add:

        Allende - South Tryon
        Taco Bar - Old Pineville & Archdale. Very sketchy, but oh those lengua and cabeza tacos!
        Lempira - South Blvd. Honduran and Mexican

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        1. I really like these, Allende, Azteca, El Pulgarcito, La Unica. Sorry, no favorite order just alphabetically this time.

          1. http://www.cantina1511restaurant.com/...
            Cantina 1511 for nicer place, to meet friends for cocktails.

            1900 Mexican Grill on Park Road for their $2. drink specials.

            this is my blog about one of my favorite places with no tables, just sit on the curb and eat.