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Aug 20, 2009 07:56 AM

Lilee's in Brunswick Maine

Has anyone been to Lilee's in Brunswick, Maine yet? It's by the same folks who own Back Street Bistro which is pretty decent and Liliee's is supposed to have great burgers.

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  1. Have had lunch there twice since it opened and have to say it was spectacular both times. Chicken Ceasar Salad 1st; Cottage Pie 2nd. Very nice. Have not yet done dessert, but will take my sister this week for the test drive!

    1. I've been twice already, and I am impressed with the food. I'm a guy who's not afraid to sample what others are having, so I've tried a lot of the menu so far, and it's all good. They have some great sandwiches - we've tried the Reuben, French Dip, BBQ pulled pork and roasted vegetable on foccacia, all very good. They've got three(?) versions of the burger - regular ($7, $9 for cheese), bacon/blue cheese, and the pub burger (with cheese and sauteed onions), all very good. (Well, I haven't tried the bacon/blue cheese yet.). They also don't force you to have fries on the side, you can have pasta salad or vegetables, and one of my co-diners got onion rings for an extra cost.

      They also have a few entrees. I tried the meatloaf, it was wonderful. I can't remember the other entree offerings, but the prices were quite reasonable. I think the meatloaf was $10. Portions are appropriately sized, so you won't likely have a doggy bag. The chef emphasizes fresh, local ingredients, which is a plus in my book.

      We've sampled a few desserts: tiramisu, chocolate cheesecake and a blueberry pound cake with raspberry coulis. All were fresh and tasty. I'm not sure where they are made, however.

      They have a handful of micros on tap, a variety of beers in bottles, several wines and a full bar.

      I enjoyed both visits. My one concern is that seating is limited, and there is a tavern feel to the place, so we didn't feel empowered to linger over our dessert with a couple of parties waiting for a table. It feels more like a place to have some drinks that also has good food, as opposed to a place to sit and have a meal. That's fine, as long as you're aware going in.

      1. We really enjoy back st bistro so this will be on our list on our next visit.....