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Cafe Rani on the skids?

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The last two visits to Cafe Rani left much to be desired. The next to the last visit they appeared to be short handed, and the food was barely ok. Much was left on the plate. The last visit,
more of the same only worse.

The common denominator for both visits, was a young woman that seem to be in some position of authority, (manager, owners daughter?) that was obviously resentful that she had
to bring food, drinks, etc.... When she 'slung' the plates on the table some of the food landed
on the table.

Had they been busy, I could have understood the wait. But there was only one other table
occupied inside, and about half outside were vacant.

I hope that this is a transient problem and will be resolved because I really like the atmosphere, and diverse menu. Any clue what is going on?

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  1. there are several Rani's; which one are you talking about?

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    1. I've been there twice and will never go back...(even though I did see Kevin Spacey there last time). Both times I had disinterested waiters, who also kept forgetting things like, oh, silverware and our drinks. I understand when a restaurant is short-staffed, and if the waiter addresses that with a "sorry folks, but..", it's not a problem. But both times they moved like molasses and didnt seem concerned that I was waiting for a fork to eat my food. sadly, the food was good, but there are so many other places with great service uptown, that I can't justify going there again.

      1. I have always thought Cafe Rani's value was in the atmosphere and not the food. My meals there have always been "satisfying" and nothing more. But the prices are low and the courtyard is lovely, so that is the reason people go. Personally, I would choose elsewhere.


        1. I agree...completely over-rated. It was decent years ago, but the last two times I've gone to meet friends there, we've had poor experiences. Bad food and really bad service. With all of the great food in the city and on Magazine St., I have no idea how it survives...its only redeeming quality is the patio, and even that's a stretch.

          1. Hmmm.....I went a few weeks ago and had a great lunch. Been going here for years with consistently good food. Now that could be because I really only order a few things on their menu, and they always come out right. The seared tuna sandwich with curry aioli and side salad; or I get the portabella mushroom sandwich, or their garden veggie sandwich. Their burger is also pretty good. When I went our server was attentive and courteous and the food came out quickly. Perhaps more people go there for lunch and so they are better staffed then? My co-worker did tell me she was there about two weeks ago for dinner and had a great meal and a lovely time. We've also been using discount gift certs we got on restaurant.com where you can get a $25 gift cert for $10 (and once you're on that list, they ave sales - like now all certs are $2 with coupon code TASTE, but I plan to post on this later.)

            Anyhow, I'm sorry that you all had a bad experience, but I definitely plan on returning, as I just love that seared tuna sandwich.

            1. I just had lunch there today. I thought things were as they always have been. The service has always been a bit slow and perfunctory, but the food has always been good. Certainly there are many places in town with better service, but worse food.

              I had the mushroom burger and romaine side salad. Both were very nicely done. My DW had the Soprano salad, which she was very happy with.

              I really did not see any evidence of the place slipping and will probably go again and take friends to it as well.

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                My friend went in early August and said it was horrible. As stated above, the service was just awful and she said the food was bad. As well, the bathrooms were broken. Insult to injury she had to work to get the check - so uninterested she probably could have done a dine and dash and they wouldn't have noticed or cared, I guess. She wrote them a letter, but there was no follow up.

                To make it even worse, she turned down a lunch at Galatoires to take her friend and her friend's mother to lunch at Rani! We have a couple of the restaurants.com coupons to use there, but I've been reluctant to use them because the reports have been pretty poor lately.