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Aug 20, 2009 07:13 AM

Not just Poutine

We're visiting from Philadelphia, and one of my daughters has her heart set on trying poutine (she's a big fan of the DeGrassi TV show and that's where she heard about it). Looking for a rec for a nice lunch or dinner place where a good poutine is on the menu...but not someplace like Poutini where it's the ONLY thing on the menu. Any help? We are staying in the vicinity of Allens Gardens but have a car and willing to travel.

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  1. I know exactly the right place for you and your daughter
    It is called the Rosedale Diner
    It is on Yonge right opposite the Summerhill LCBO (liquor store in an old train station) and easy walk from Summerhill subway stop
    It has a relaxed atmosphere and eclectic menu
    With TO"s best (imho) poutine - served with real jus and cheese,
    and shreds of short ribs
    Hope you give it a try.

    1. Utopia on College St. would be a good bet too. They have good poutine as well as other tasty dishes. It's also a nice area for walking around, in our Little Italy. It's not a far drive or walk north from where you are staying and take the streetcar across.

      If you've tried searching Poutine on this board, you'll notice a lively debate on what's considered "traditional", by the way! We're all very opinionated. ;)

      Hope she enjoys her first taste.

      1. poutini is delicious, but all they serve is poutine and it's kinda hard to make an evening out of that.

        or you can always try the poutine at Rebel House.

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          Oooh, Rebel House poutine. I love that stuff.

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            i love Rebel House poutine but it's not particularly traditional as their fries are more like chips (flat and round).

            i do enjoy it though!