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Aug 20, 2009 07:10 AM

Caterer in Queens

I'm hosting a birthday party for 30 people in my home and would like recommendations for a good caterer (Italian or Spanish food) in Queens

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  1. Marino Bros. or Durso's in North Flushing for the Italian side.

    1. BEST IN QUEENS--is SORRISO's in ASTORIA..they do a ton of catering, and their Italian food is out of this world..stop by there and get a menu, and they will give you tastes of what you want to try---they also make the best fresh mozzarella--and they are super nice and easy to work with.

      Sorriso Italian Pork Store
      4416 30th Ave
      Astoria, NY 11103
      (718) 728-4392

      REAL SPANISH, as in food from Spain, I don't know anything great in Queens, restaurant wise to even recommend---but, there is certainly lots of Peruvian, Dominican, Mexican, Columbian, and other types of Spanish food..but, I would stick with Italian, safer choices for catering, and you don't have to deal with the spicy also, keeps better and serves better for catering purposes.