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Aug 20, 2009 06:34 AM

Best Foie Gras not in a Michelin Star restaurant? And anyone been to Au Gourmand?

Looking for a bistro in Paris that serves excellent Foie (I am sure there are many). I am staying in the 1st but it doesn't have to be near that. Also, was thinking about dining at a restaurant called Au Gourmand for the first night. Anyone ever been?

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  1. There aren't many. Try Joséphine chez Dumonet.

    There are a few Au Gourmand review on this board, all glowing unless I'm mistaken.

    1. I have been there once. It was good, not the best, about what you expect from a Bibb Gourmand, good value, very nice greeting from the guy who runs the dining room. I did have a good foie dish there, somethign called duo de foie gras, mi cuit et sa chutney de annanas et creme brulee de foie gras, picture is attached. I would return.

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        You're talking about Au Gourmand.

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          I am talking about Au Gourmand, 17 Rue Moliere, tel
          01 42 96 22 19. I guess the question was about the best foie dish in a starred restaurant and Au Gourmand is just a Bibb.

      2. I tend to take away my foie gras from a traiteur and drink it at home with a nice bottle of sauterne or riesling or one of about 100 decent wines to drink with foie gras.

        1. I have been to Au Gourmand several times. I posted a mini description last week. For the price -- if you do not order a la carte -- it is a great value. The cuisine is also innovative and well prepared. I would suggest it for your first night.

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            For the past five or six years we have made the incredible foie gras main course at Bistro de Paris our traditional first night's dinner every trip to Paris. It came recommended by a Parisian hotelier friend and we have since suggested it to many friends, all of whom have become fans of their foie gras. The plate is comprised of several very large portions of beautifully sauteed fresh foie gras lovingly placed on top of decadent pommes puree and topped with a rich port/truffle sauce. If you truly love foie gras and cannot usually get enough of the stuff, this is the meal for you. Bistrot de Paris may sound like a tourist restaurant, but it is in fact very much a local's spot. Reservations are almost always needed. While I always have the foie gras, they also serve an excellent calve's liver plate as well. Bistrot de Paris is in the 7th at 33 rue lille.

          2. We dined at Au Gourmand in mid-June (2009). The manager and the waiter were friendly, professional, and appropriately chatty (meaning, of course, not too much). And by the way both spoke perfect English. The butter (rich, yellow and slightly salted), from Normandy, the bread (with a great thick crust) and the bottled water (a sparking "Saint-Géron-Romaine," from a 1,000-year or source in the Auvergne region) were all excellent and distinctive.

            On the slightly rainy Monday night when we were there (ask for the table for two by the window), many diners were speaking American English (including two tables of businessmen with French hosts), but thankfully all were sufficiently aware to keep the volume down. For dessert we had, respectively, a warm apple and cheese pastry salad, and an excellent soufflé of apples, raspberries and rhubarb.

            The wine list is fairly reasonable -- we splurged a bit and had a fine Bourgogne for Euros 36. The overall price is fairly reasonable if you order from the set menu, as we did (normally 39 euros, but marked down to 34,50, with two choices per course), but it can jump quite a bit if you venture to the carte. Note: There is a very nice vegetarian menu as well. Our bill (immediately prior to the VAT reduction of July 2009) was euros 125 -- this included aperitifs, wine, sparking water, and expresso for one.

            --Jake ( http://parisandbeyondinfrance.blogspo... )