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Aug 20, 2009 06:28 AM

Wedding Night Restaurant - Napa

I am getting married in Oct in Napa and it is just my fiance and I. I am looking for a romantic restaurant where the two of us could have dinner. We are staying in downtown Napa and we don't want to drive too far.


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  1. try La Toque, Cole's Chop House or Celadon, all in downtown Napa

      1. re: maria lorraine

        Meadowood is a special place worthy of the occasion, but a good 30 minute drive from downtown Napa. Not even an option to drive yourself if you take advantage of their wine pairing. Worth the limo though because it's that stellar. If you're limited to downtown Napa, then LaToque is your place. You can create your own 4 course menu unless you go for the 7 course chef's table menu. Excellent sommelier service, perfect setting for the occasion. To me, Cole's and Celadon, fine on any given night, aren't wedding night caliber.

        1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

          What Dan says.

          But I do think a swanky booth at Coles might pass in a pinch.

          BTW, I would enlist the support of the manager at whatever restaurant you dine,
          and call ahead to let him know your special occasion. You might even score a private dining room.

      2. A lot of people say that Auberge du Soleil is a very romantic, beautiful setting. It gets some good reviews on here. Expensive.

        Auberge Du Soleil
        180 Rutherford Hill Rd., Rutherford, CA 94573

        1. Congratulations. If I were you, I'd prefer to walk "home" rather than have to drive on my wedding night, so I am going to suggest only downtown Napa restaurants.

          La Toque is certainly a good suggestion for a special occasion such as this, but my experience there was a little disappointing. I found the food a bit precious and the flavors were a little muddled for me. But I tend not to like tasting menus or frou-frou food as a rule, so take my comment for what it is.

          A booth at Cole's would be romantic. The food is generally okay, but I had a salad with way less-than-fresh lettuce there last week.

          I think the dining room inside Angele is quite romantic. It's a little rustic-industrial, small, and right on the river. It could be quite warm in October and the patio is nice too. Very competent French-California food.

          540 Main St, Napa, CA 94559

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          1. re: Junie D

            Good point about the driving, Junie D. I wasn't paying close enough attention.

            Where are you staying, mr. mugoo?

            1. re: maria lorraine

              We are going to stay at the White House Inn and Spa.

          2. I would go to Cole's - great food, great service, great setting