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Aug 20, 2009 06:07 AM

Cool place for drinks Friday night

Hi all - I'll likely in the vicinity of Le Paradis for dinner Friday night. I'm looking for a place that may have a live band, or some good background music (not a club) for drinks.

Been down to N'Awlins which was great and could be a backup.

Please advise and thank you.

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  1. Though it's never had live music when I've been, I like The Bedford Academy on Prince Arthur, just east of Bedford. In fact, the last time I dined at Le Paradis, I had a few pints on the Bedford patio. I've heard a wide range of music in my patio time there from indie rock/pop to classic rock to the jazz-dancebeat of St Germain.

    And since you mentioned a venue like N'Awlins that's so far south of Le Paradis, how about earthy The Rex for some Jazz?