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Aug 20, 2009 05:20 AM

Toronto: Maple Yip

I had a very good lunch at Maple Yip with my daughter after the camp bus. It was easy to find. Friendly service. Not a particularly fancy place, which is not a problem. Thanks for the recommendations!

We had very nice hot tea with refills. The deep-fried crab claw ball with minced shrimp was very tasty. The lobster with scallion and ginger was also delicious. The mixed vegetable stir fry was good. The singapore style curried rice noodles were properly prepared, the noodles were separated, not a big glob, which is good.

The food was very mildly spiced. I believe this was appropriate for the style of chinese food on offer. I tend to favor more intensely flavored sichuan cooking, but that's not what's on offer here.

The other patrons all appeared to be chinese. Nobody was speaking english. The servers had no trouble speaking english for us.

We took the leftover noodles and vegetables and had a nice dinner on the plane. The waitress was very accomodating making a nice bundle with noodles, veggies, forks, chopsticks and napkins to take on the plane.

Address: 4227 E. Sheppard

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  1. Maple Yip is probably the best QPR Cantonese style Chinese restaurant in Toronto today and it's frequented by many repeat customers. It's kind of a dive and the old adage that you can tell how good a Chinese restaurant is by the proportion of its Chinese clientele is fitting in this case. The owner's wife is also one of the waiters, so that it's also a family style restaurant is also fitting. They're usually very crowded at dinner time so best to go earlier if possible.

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      The owners wife can be sort of a Dragon Lady if in the wrong mood and not very helpful.
      Her husband on the other hand is so afraid of her that once when he was helping out on a busy day, (his English is not very good) he got our order all wrong and begged us to keep it because he would get in trouble.
      We did.
      The Daughter who only works part time is a dream.
      So nice, and willing to interpret the Chinese menu, and even make suggestions.
      The Steamed Whole fish is always perfect.

      1. re: syoung

        Totally agree that Maple Yip is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto. However in that area (and many other Toronto areas), the clientele will be mostly Chinese in the restaurants....whether the restaurant is good or not. I enjoyed the best Cantonese Chow Mein I've had in a while at Maple Yip recently.

        1. re: syoung

          syoung (and other Toronto Chowhounds):

          I'll probably be back in Toronto again on a twice yearly basis. Other than Cantonese, what Chinese regional cuisines are well represented in Toronto restaurants?

        2. Thanks for the review, I will definitely be heading out there soonest.

          1. If you can't tolerate MSG, don't go to Maple Yip. Had steamed whole fish, satay beef with glass noodles, and sweet and sour pork 2 wks ago.