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Aug 20, 2009 01:48 AM

Gifts for my Kiwi New Zealander Foodie Friends?

Hi all, so I made the plunge and moved full time to New Zealand. I have four or five Kiwi colleagues who all have a common interest in food! (Awesome place to work!). I'm trying to think of items to bring back to make little Christmas Stockings of spices and food related items that are hard to get here.

Any ideas? I can't bring seeds or anything that might germinate, or dried meats. But anything else goes!

Also any OTHER ideas of non-food stuff that they might like would be great.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I'm going back to NY in late September and plan to bring stuff back!

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  1. I asked something similiar, you might find some things in my thread :)

    1. I'm from NZ and I live in Canada... I always take back different flavours of potato chips(ketchup, dill pickle), candy bars, peanut butter and Reese's Pieces. I never had root beer growing up so I take that as well.

      1. Apparently pinto beans are a hard-find in NZ, but that might be more of interest to expats than natives.

        1. my mother-in-law in australia loved the peanut butter m&ms we sent last year. she liked them better than the peanut m&ms, or the plain ones. she liked them better than reese's pieces, too.

          what about craisins? they'd probably be a tasty novelty, i'm assuming.

          my personal favorite -- only available around this time of year (for the halloween candy season): fun-size nutrageous candy bars. THE best!

          1. Anything that goes well with lamb! (I dunno, is there some exotic mint jelly around?)