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Aug 19, 2009 11:14 PM

'Water Bottle' en français

How do you say 'water bottle' in French? As in the container I tote my water around in , not a bottle of water. Or is it the same: la bouteille d'eau?

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  1. Un Bidon

    a common word for those little bottles used in Le Tour

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    1. re: Naguere

      Haven't heard 'bidon' in Francophone Canada...generally just "bouteille" tout simplement ou bien "bouteille d'eau"

      1. re: zamorski

        Going through Valleyfield, PQ, there's a casse-croute called "Le Bidon" which features the old fashioned milk cans (all painted bright red) as seats. These are about 3 1/2 ft high, and probably hold about 20 gallons. When I asked once what a "bidon" was, that's what they pointed to.

    2. une bouteille d'eau = a water bottle
      la bouteille d'eau = the water bottle

      1. *bouteille à eau* and *bouteille d'eau* are both used in Canada, though technically the former is a water bottle and the latter a bottle of water.

        *bidon* is the correct term for a cyclist's water bottle, though I don't often hear it used on this side of the pond.

        Local hikers and climbers (and apparently military personnel) often refer to their water bottle/canteen as a *gourde* or *gourde à eau*.