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Aug 19, 2009 10:48 PM

French Room Restaurant Week Menu

Has anyone seen or had the French Room's restaurant week menu.

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  1. Yes ... so far I've been to the French Room and Local, and thought Local was better.

    Starters ...

    Corn soup
    Heirloom tomato salad--had this
    Crab cake (supplement)--reported to be unlike any other crab cake--with aspic?


    Tenderloin (supplement)--I had this, sorry, not remembering the other choices well
    Fish--halibut I think?


    Caramel popcorn pot de creme
    Oh dear, not remembering the other options--believe one was chocolate

    No CM course, but truffles, etc. at the end

    Sorry, hopefully someone else will have a better memory than I. It was all good, but nothing dazzled. The service was fine, but not impressive either, and my check had to be reworked because I was charged for two drinks I didn't have in addition to my glass of wine.

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    1. re: foiegras

      French Room, eeeh. I am generally an upbeat positive chap, but I have been to the FR more than enough times and been underwhelmed. These 1400 tabs for 4 people get me down and I don't feel particularly happy afterwards.

      1. re: DallasDude

        That would get me down too! This was my first time, and nothing signaled me I should go back. The high point for me was the maitre d', who had a great sense of humor.

        I've heard good things about their tasting menu ... but my feeling is that RW should give me a clue to greater potential if it's there. I view RW as a scouting opportunity ...

        1. re: foiegras

          We did RW at the French Room and we has a less than positive experience. The portions were tiny and the service was lacking. The courses were served so fast that we were out of there in an hour (there were empty tables and no parties waiting to be seated). One person in our party ordered a glass of wine with his appetizer and was going to order another one with his entree but the entree was served so fast that he still had wine left so he didn't bother. I ordered a glass of wine with my entree and the waiter served me the end of the bottle which was a very short pour. He looked, shrugged his shoulders, and did not come back with another bottle to add to my pour. We noticed that dishes ordered off of the regular menu were brought to the table with silver domed covers. The RW dishes came without them. This was only a small fraction of instances that night. Needless to say, we are not encouraged to return.

            1. re: Scagnetti

              We had great experiences at Fearings, Arthur's and Del Frisco. Both the service and food were great. We realize that when you do RW the food choices will not be the high end dishes. However, the service level should be the same and should not suffer. This is the time for restaurants to give patrons a reason to want to return during regular times.