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Aug 19, 2009 10:40 PM

Advise on freezing cheese blintzes please!

I'm hosting a houseful in a few weeks. With a small kitchen, I'm trying to do as much ahead as possible.

I know I can freeze the unfilled crepe. Any thoughts on freezing the filled blintze? Should it be frozen prior to cooking or after? This is just a simple cheese filled (farmers cheese) crepe.
I've always just made, cooked and enjoyed immediately!

I'm a little concerned with the cheese changing consistency or getting weepy. As an alternative, perhaps I can have them prepared up to the frying point and store in the fridge for 4 days before finishing?

They are for brunch, and I am sooo not a morning person! Hence the motivation to have very little left to do that morning that requires much focus.


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  1. Whether this meets your limited morning stuff or not this is what the jfoods do. They freeze them without the final cooking, usually in packages of 4-6 blintzes.

    Then when they want a quick fix, jfood throws a package in the MV on low. Then he fries them in some oil on low-med flame until browned. If large back he keeps them warm in low oven.

    You are right, it is that time of the year.

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    1. re: jfood

      Thank you jfood!

      I can handle frying them in the morning! Is "MV" the microwave?

      I have not had this many house guests in this smallish home, so trying to visualize how I can become a proficient juggler!

      1. re: meatn3

        yes the MV is the microwave. The trick jfood has found in 40 years of frying blintzes is keep the flame low so the insides get hot and gooey.

        And please tell jfood you use sour cream with cheese blintzes. :-))

        1. re: jfood

          What else would do???

          Most of my families traditional recipes seem to be inspired by sour cream!
          (Full fat, non of the low cal for this meal.)

    2. When I have a large group, I like to grill marinated vegies. They keep really well, bring to room temp, serve with goat cheese, and crusty bread. I would also consider doing a large salad that can sit for a couple of days (macaroni, potato, bean, corn, etc.) that would be one less thing to have to cook. Cookies freeze well, so you could bake a couple batches ahead of time. Berries with sugar and balsamic, with a hint of pepper saves for a few days, great on the blintzes! What else are you serving? Doing bacon in the oven could be a possibilty, someone did it with brown sugar or maple syrup, yum. What about a Frittata, that you could do ahead.

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      1. re: JEN10

        Thanks for the great ideas! I've got the rest under control - the blintzes were a special request. Due to the logistics of time, space and my brain not operating in the morning I was exploring a way to minimize the risk of me attempting too much.

        The last few weeks I have had 5 appliances die, had to have two vehicles towed in less than 24 hours, and suffered a wide array of injuries worthy of the three stooges. Short of wrapping myself in bubble wrap, I'm just operating under the assumption that it ain't over yet! So I'm going to act like a scout and be prepared for anything!


        1. re: meatn3

          Well let us all know how it turned out. BE SAFE!

      2. I froze blintzes last summer (up to the frying point) and they really weren't so hot when I pulled them back out. I don't recall what exactly was wrong with the texture, but the overall product was really pretty bad.

        I think that they would have been great as a blintz souffle though? I've never had one, but I understand they're marvelous.