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Aug 19, 2009 10:35 PM

Any Non-Seafood Recs from NYC to Cape Cod along the I-95?

Hi New England Hounds!

We're driving from NYC to Cape Cod on Sunday on the I-95. Since we're going to be up to our ears in clams, lobster, etc. once we're on the Cape, I'm hoping to find something else that's yummy along our route.

Maybe something in Providence? Something other than the Super Duper Weenie Wagon?


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  1. Providence is great - SO many options, not far off the road. What are you looking for -- farm fresh? Italian? French? Sandwiches or a sit down meal?

    1. Bridge House in Milford is good, with a nice variety, and reasonable- nowhere near the halfway mark, tho. We'll be on our way to the Cape soon too, and unfortunately always end up eating at some hideous drive thru on the way because of our dogs!

      1. How about Vietnamese? There's a wonderful BYOB called Minh Hai just a few minutes off the highway. Their food is light and lively, impeccably fresh and well prepared and totally different from the rather standardized menus at most of the local pan-Asian places. There's an ap of paper-thin lemons and raw beef with mint and fried scallions that's to die for. Beef salad with smokey dressing. Try the hot and sour soup (last one on the menu) that is chock full of pineapple, tomato, okra, sprouts, cabbage mushrooms, lemongrass, spice - have it with shrimp, chicken or tofu. Other favorites are the tilapia with tamarind sauce, any of the sates (no peanuts, quite spicy), eggplant and tofu with spicy plum sauce, stuffed squid, chicken and spinach and, well, anything. The owner is a joy. And BYOB to boot! Take 195 to 95S. Take exit 16 onto Rte 10 N. Take the Resevoir Ave exit and go right et the end of the exit. Take a right on Park Ave a couple lights down. Minh Hai is on the left, 1996 Park Ave. Enjoy.

        1. The Griswold Inn in Essex is a good spot. Just a bit off the highway but great food and a scenic town!

          On the way back stop at Pasta Vita for a great take out meal for when you get home... exit 67 from I95 south, take a left and you are there. I stock up for those nights after work when you just don't want to do a thing!

          I second the Milford Bridge House, 49 Bridgeport Ave. ... just great food and service! Get the chowder, it's awesome!

          1. Thanks everyone! We ended up giving in to the easiest and quickest option, the Super Duper Weenie, which, truth be told, wasn't half bad.