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Aug 19, 2009 08:16 PM

One night is Istanbul

Husband and I will be there for one night before boarding a cruise ship in Sept. Will probably be jetlagged but would enjoy a quality, unique but not over-the-top meal. Staying at the W, close by a definite plus so we can be back at the hotel before we fall asleep over dessert! Suggestions?

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  1. The W, in Besiktas, is pretty central. It's easy to get to many areas easily.
    I had a horrible meal at Spice Market in the W recently. I would not recommend it.
    Vogue (in Besiktas) is a nice experience but maybe a bit over the top.
    I read a good review of a place called Konyali which is right beside the W. But I haven't been there yet.
    For a meal like this my fallback plan is always Abracadabra in Arnavutkoy. It's a 10 minute taxi ride up the Bosporus from the W. Very interesting and not over the top.
    Dig through previous posts on this place. Most people seem to like it.