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Aug 19, 2009 08:08 PM

Apres Greek: Fred 62!

This being SoCal and not the sophisticated environs of Nashville (yes, I am being bitterly sarcastic here) there is damned little in the way of available food after an evening of musical entertainment at the Greek Theater, and if you decided against spending Disneyland prices for soggy mall food at the venue you might be in need of Sustenance. Not far from where you emerge onto Los Feliz Blvd., Vermont headed south will take you to two late-night food joints, the House of Pies and Fred 62, across the street from each other. You want the latter, trust me. At not quite 11 pm on a Tuesday it's packed, all the outside tables are taken, the crowd being very much a mix of elderly hipsters and kids up past their bedtimes, and the wait staff is either relentlessly cheerful or too hip for this world but it's all OK. If my liver could take it I'd eat here once a week and just work clear through the menu, kinda like an old diner freak's take on Julia/Julie, but I'm just happy to know it's here when I need it. After the Greek Theater experience parking seems to be a breeze, though I did have to circle the block once.

Food? Mrs. O got the giant chili dog and found it worth the wait; I got the Charles Bukowski, a grilled ham-and-cheese on sourdough, both the (deli) ham and the bread being of that round configuration I can't find in stores anymore (this is a plea for guidance). It's OK, and the fries are very cute nestled in their brown-bag diapers, but I've had much better at drugstore lunch counters. Which is missing the point: this is a place that offers a full menu, however limited to diner-style items, and it's there for you 24 hours a day, and while it ain't dirt cheap it's not expensive either. All of these things are increasingly hard to come by. I say: Fred 62, long may it wave!

Fred 62, 1850 N. Vermont Ave. Los Feliz

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  1. And the fried mac and cheese balls are like crack. A delicious bastardization of Italian risotto balls. Service can be hit or miss, but after moving from the area 2yrs. ago I still crave that place sometimes and make the journey.

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      Were it not for the fact that I was going straight home to bed I'd have gotten the mac - not the balls, the dish. Nice to hear the balls are good, though. The more I think about this joint the more I like it, always a good sign...

    2. "Fries nestled in their brown bag diapers". I never thought there could be a phrase that would ever turn me off fries, but there it is. Maybe it's the use of "brown" and "diapers". PS-Fred62 has amazing bagel chips-if I find myself in the area in the AM, sometimes I'll get those with a side of cream cheese to dip.