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Aug 19, 2009 08:02 PM

MNGal on her way to Milwaukee for 4 days with kids

Any great rec's for families to try when in Milwaukee?? Looking for great good, local if possible, hubby is dying for a good fish fry as we don't get those too often in MN. Thanks in advance

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  1. I am assuming you will have a car, but if you will answer some questions, we can tailor a response a little better: Do you know exactly when you will be here? Do you know where you are staying? How old are your kids?

    1. Hope I get to you in time. The blocks long line for carryout makes it easy to know the Packing House has a great fish fry. It is right across the street from the airport.
      Serb Hall, on 60th and Oklahoma, is a nice standard kind of fish fry.
      I like going to Benno's on Greenfield Ave. in Greenfield. Not a huge or popular place but they have several different types of fish and preparation, not just stuck with beer battered cod, and they serve potato pancakes with applesauce.
      Don't forget about Mader's or Usinger's for a true German-Milwaukee flair.