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Aug 19, 2009 07:45 PM

Vita Coco
Has anybody seen these products sold at either Tau, RAchelle Bery or Panier Sante? Specifically the pineapple, peach/mango and tangerine. The website specifies these stores but before I go on the hunt, if anyone has spotted these at a particular outlet, I would appreciate the help to avoid unnecessary legwork.

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  1. I've seen Vita Coco juice products recently at both Les Saveurs du Marche at Atwater Market & Eden food store on Parc Avenue. Seen Vita Coco pineapple coconut juice at Les Saveurs du Marche. If you do try Vita Coco drinks, tell me what you think.

    1. I have tried them and I like them. When chilled, they're very thirst quenching on a hot summer day and they are not overly sweet. My favorites are the pineapple and peach-mango coconut waters.

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        Are there better coconut water drinks from other companies? Or it's just personal taste?

        1. re: BLM

          I have tried Zico and One and taste wise I pefer Vita Coco. I donèt know if quality wise they are different, they all claim to be made from 100% coc onut water.

          1. re: BLM

            In my and my friends experiences, Vita Coco is by far the best. We suggest the mango and peach or pineapple. Take it from me, Zico is subpar. I can't live without my Vita Coco.

            1. re: Raccoonhunter

              Where do you buy it? I looked at Tau and Rachelle Bery recently with no luck.

                1. re: BLM

                  I thought perhaps Raccoonhunter had been out to buy it recently as this thread is quite old. Will check Eden. I got canned coconut water at Sakaris the other day which wasn't bad but would prefer tetrapaks or frozen.

                  1. re: Plateaumaman

                    I think Vita Coco is relatively new to the Montreal market. Only started seeing it, around beginning of this year. I've seen it at a Tau location.

                    1. re: BLM

                      I've seen it in literally every health food store I've been in recently. Look in either the refrigerated section or on the shelves. Tau, Rachel Berry, Couffin Bio, Eden ... Plain & assorted flavors.

                      1. re: corj

                        There's no problem for me finding Vita Coco in Montreal. I was just responding to Plateaumaman this week.

        2. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago at the Atwater Market on the reccomendation of everyone in this thread and I really don't get what the big deal is. I was expecting something very different. It tastes like any other canned drink you'd find at the dozens of asian convenience stores across towns, which is to say, not particularly good! I personally find that most of these canned organic drinks taste like somebody farted in them. I'm nuts about coconut but I thought it was pretty gross. I'd rather buy a real coconut and drain the milk! Now why don't companies bottle that stuff fresh?!?

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