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Aug 19, 2009 07:26 PM

Casual brunch for 40 people in Center City?

I'm hosting a brunch for +/- 40 people in CC in April -- would prefer a private room, but doesn't have to be... I would like fun/casual and definitely do NOT want stuffy/expensive (like Fountain or Lacroix). Any ideas? Thanks :)

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  1. The space that used to be Tangerine is currently being used soley for private parties - you might want to check that out since you have a pretty large number? The space is really fun (although not sure what type of food they'll be serving?)

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      Estia has two really nice private dining rooms (downstairs, one is in an enclosed room, the other has a private bar) and they do a weekend brunch.

      It's not Center City, but I have seen a number of weekend brunch/midafternoon parties held at Paradiso on Passyunk. I don't know if they do anything during the week or not, but it is a very nice space, with comfortable seating, good food, and gracious service.

      I have also been to a very nice brunch buffet service meeting at the Ritz near City Hall. Since you would be renting your own meeting space, it can be as casual or stuffy as you want.

      I don't know if the Wanamaker's Crystal tea room is still in business, but years ago my company had a lovely Christmas party there.

      I think Maggiano's also has meeting space. Depending on what you want, Lucky Strike might also be an option. Dave & Buster's also does large parties.

    2. I'm not sure if they do "brunch" per se, but La Fourno on South Street has always been awesome for me and my friends for a low-key, fun, group dinner in their upstairs space. They've been cool about designing very reasonably priced menus to meet our specific requests plus allowing people to order other dishes as desired. I've been really impressed in the past with what they give us for the price.

      1. Thanks so much for these awesome suggestions! I'll keep researching and let you know what I end up doing. :) -- PBQ

        1. You also might try Upstairs at DiBruno Bros on Chestnut near 18th. They do private parties, but also serve brunch. If they would give you half of the upstairs, it might work for your group.

          1. Might consider Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge - they have an upstairs room that might work (I haven't been up there in awhile, so I am not sure how it is currently being used.)

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              like other than the dance club/ bar that's upstairs? I didn't know they had another room upstairs but that's good to know!

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                I believe it's the same room. They let you sit up there during brunch service to drink coffee and wait for your table. The issue would be whether or not the kitchen could handle a private party up there while maintaining their regular brunch service downstairs.