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Aug 19, 2009 07:13 PM

Most Eco-Friendly Disposable Dishes?

I'm having an upscale party and due to the location, must use disposable (sorry!).

I've been researching the most eco friendly dishes that still have some elegance to them and have ended at the Bambu brand.

Are there any other nice disposables that are not made out of plastic?

I'm also looking for wine glasses (same requirements - made out of sugar cane or corn or?).

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  1. I have tried a couple brands - I used Bare by Solo renewable plates and those were nice. I don't know how elegant I would say they were but they were very sturdy and unbleached. I used another brand - Earthshell - which I didn't like as much. They were brittle at the edges and after some time in my cupboard the outer layer started to peel away. I don't know about wine glasses... I've seen renewable cups but not wine glasses.

    I guess it depends too - will there be an opportunity to compost the plates? If not, just try to get ones manufactured in the most sustainable way. That might be bamboo, paper or even recycled plastic. I doubt corn would be the best because of all the pesticides & water used, but who knows. If someone will be composting the plates, look for biodegradable plates. Even Chinets can be home-composted. Some of the fancy compostable glasses though only compost if put into industrial composters.

    In Minneapolis there is a company that provides the high end corn based stuff for events and then picks it up to take to an industrial com poster. Might be a thought.

    Good luck!