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Aug 19, 2009 07:10 PM

good indian in Seattle?

Wondering if there are any good indian recs in seattle? I'm talking - something really special. . .thanks in advance for any recs!!

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  1. Depends on what you mean by "really special." In my book, no, not in Seattle. You have to go to Vancouver for that.

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    1. re: PAO

      Alright then, Mr. "You have to go to Vancouver", let's rephrase the question:

      What is the most special Indian rec for Seattle?
      What comes the closest to striving for something along the line of Vij's?

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Charles is probably right. Poppy isn't Indian, but some is Indian inspired. There is nothing in Seattle or environs that even comes within a mile of resembling Vij's. I wish there were. If you find one, let us know.

        1. re: PAO

          It's really that there isn't an Indian place in Seattle that aspires to be what Vij's is, i.e., a high-end Indian restaurant. I don't know of any place that's trying to be in that category. (Disclaimer: I haven't been to Poppy.)

          Best Indian I've found in Seattle is Bengal Tiger in Ravenna, but that's just a neighborhood Indian joint that does what it does well. You'll eat well, but it's not a special occasion place.

    2. For really special Indian inspired I would go to Poppy. This is pure pacific Northwest Dinning but with Indian Spicing. Wonderful food, lovely space, great wine list and fun cocktails.

      1. nothing to recommend in Seattle. Poppy is NOT an Indian restaurant. I would call it PNW meets many diverse & international flavors & techniques (fusion) restaurant.

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          I agree. Poppy has some interesting Indian-inspired dishes but is definitely not like Vij's.

          Bengal Tiger is quite nice, and I used to like India Bistro in Ballard but haven't been for years. Standard Indian restaurant food.

        2. Naan n' Curry is a really delicious, reasonably priced Paki/Indian restaurant. Its located in downtown Renton, which is a bit out of the way... worth adding to the list though! I love their lunch specials.

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          1. re: emilyla

            Spice Route in Bellevue is great.; so is Curry Leaf, Factoria. Check out the Tamil specialties at the former, and the Keralan items at the latter. I'm judging them by dinner offerings only, and I can't vouch for any buffet lunch.

            Udupi Palace, Naan n' Curry and Bengal Tiger are pretty good, so long as you focus on their specialties. Preet's is passable but insipid. I have yet to try Kanishka, Mayuri, Mysore Masala (all Redmond), or Pabla (Renton) but all are on my list.

            Note that of all these only Bengal Tiger is in Seattle proper, which is woefully inadequate for authentic Indian food; Redmond and Bellevue are far better. If you want Anglo-indian standards and marekdly muted curries there are other options, but I'd rather cook at home.

            I've never been to Vij's, which is widely regarded as a sort of holy grail of Indian food in N. America. From what I've read, the local places I've recommended will not offer the fusion-ish creativity or ambiance of Vij's, but will offer some well-prepared regional specialties that are more than worthwhile.

            1. re: equinoise

              I can Vouch that Mayuri is good. One thinng they have is Indo-Chinese dishes, the "lollipop" chicken, kind of like sweet and sour chicken, but not sweet, and hot as heck with tons of fresh Jalapenos. Pretty good! They make good Onion Pakoras, Onion Dosas, and the the Chicken is good, too. Overall a good vibe.

              1. re: equinoise

                I know the Q is about Seattle, but the number of mentions of Vij's prompts me to write: I went to Vij's recently after hearing the hype about it for years -- and was underwhelmed. I don't get it. It's not "fusion Indian" by any means (Madhur Jaffrey's Dawat in NYC was the first of that genre and it really pressed Indian food in new directions, some of which included reviving dishes that had gone out of style). Back to Vij's: it's standard India fare, upscale to the extend that it's got "service," something I suspect folks don't expect from "curry joints." But as far as the food goes, I was hard pressed to see what was unique or so spectacular about it; it's the kind you get in any 4 or 5-star hotel restaurant in India.

            2. Poppy is not at all Indian. And yes, they use some spices occasionally found and used on the subcninent.

              I get my Indian take out from Chutney's on QA. It is also your standard North Indian tandoori curry mix.

              Is Naan n Curry the same as the chain in SF?