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Aug 19, 2009 07:03 PM

Dinner before Pageant of the Masters - where?

We're meeting another couple this Saturday and we'd like to go to dinner together before the Pageant (in the Laguna Beach area). Any suggestions? Under $30 per person and someplace where we can enjoy dinner conversation without shouting - thanks!

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  1. Brussels Bistro, Romeo Cuccina or Sun Dried Tomato Cafe.

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      And good luck getting Saturday reservations if you mention pofm timing.

    2. Doesn't get mentioned much but have had two really good dinners at Nirvana Grill.

      1. I like 230 FOREST... Excellent martinis and Food. I think dinner entrees range from $15-35. Some of my favorite dishes there are : Maple infused grilled poorkchop with sweet potato fries and corn flan, Cioppino, Steaks, Ahi Tuna with wasabi Mash, Mahi Mahi with papaya and mango salsa.