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Aug 19, 2009 06:41 PM

Swissotel Breakfast?

Has anyone had the breakfast at Swissotel? I will staying there, and one morning, for shear convenience, it would be great if I could eat right at the hotel. However, I also see that they are charging $45 more for a room with breakfast versus without.

So, keeping in mind that I am aware this is a convention hotel breakfast and don't have my hopes too high , how is their breakfast buffet? How much does it run? Hotel breakfast buffets are really hard to judge - I have has some great ones, and I have had some terrible ones, And some have lots of items, some have few items, and some have lots of old, stale items from yesterday.

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  1. Mrs. doc fell on some stairs and was cooped up in the room for a day. Ordered the room service breakfast. It was $30. Expensive but not spectacular.

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      It is ok. It is usually served buffet style.

      They serve stuff like mueslix (spelling?) and other Swiss specialties along with the normal American items.

      On the plus side, their juices are usually fresh squeezed, etc.

    2. So I did the breakfast buffet. Price was a bit steep for what they offered - $28 for the buffet. It was an OK selection - not great. Few pastries (not too many, though), scrambled eggs, toast, bacon. They did have a few (supposedly) Swiss specialties. Fruits were pretty good, although not a huge selection. They advertised Eggs Benedict, but supposedly ran out and had scrambled eggs instead. Service was kinda grouchy, which seemed to run throughout the hotel. Wasn't terrible food, not great, either. Just not many choices.