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Storing cut tomatoes

How do you store your tomatoes that have been cut into? I'm talking the large tomatoes, and usually when making a salad, I only use half of one, bc kids only eat the tiny grape tomatoes, and a whole one is just too much.

So, I've tried refrigerating it with the other salad stuff, and we all know where that goes. Bland, tasteless, mealy, yuck.

So, I thought I'd try out on the counter, with the other whole tomatoes, in a dish, cut side down. Just get slimy and moldy instead. Now I'm trying on the counter, in a baggie. So far, it looks okay, been there only a day & a half, but I was wondering if anyone else had any luck with storing them. Thanks.

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      I know it makes sense, but then don't you find it rather blah when you go to use it again? Do you let it come up to room temp first? Or use it in something cooked?

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        Yep....and consume it the next day. A mator sammich with Dukes Mynez! Yummy!!

      2. I put whatever is left of a cut tomato in a plastic zip lock bag, then into the fridge.

        1. i usually store on the counter in one of those twist-tie (not zipper) baggies. i've found that they don't suffocate the tomato the way plastic wrap or a heavier zipper bag does.
          other ideas:

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            Why are you so good at finding my questions already answered on a previous topic??! Even tho, I once again, searched this on this board first, and nothing came up? Maybe I'm too impatient to go through them all...

            Anyway, thanks! Again! Makes me feel a little better to know that you're not recoiling in horror that I've not put it in the fridge!!

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              actually i'm *glad* you're not putting it in the fridge - that's the quickest way to ruin a tomato!

          2. Keep it in the fridge, loosely wrapped in foil. One hour prior to next use, place on kitchen counter.

            1. Nope, never in the fridge. On the counter in a baggie or plastic wrap sounds good to me. But it'll go bad quickly, so you better eat it the next day, maybe two at the most. You might extend that a bit by spritzing with some bottled lemon or lime juice. You could use fresh juice, but why waste a lemon to save half a tomato?

              Or freeze the leftover tomatoes in ziploc bags and when you have enough, make sauce.

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                Well, I feel better now, thanks all. And you'll be happy to know I used the darn thing in an avocado, tomato & corn salad for supper tonight - and it was fine!!

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                  I tried leaving the last one on the counter in a plastic container... ICK. will have to try in a zip top.

              2. I just eat the darn thing. I never like how a cut tomato tastes even in half a day. So I just put a lot of tomato in the salad, which is fine because I love a lot of tomato in my salad, or I sprinkle a little salt and pepper and munch away at the counter. Another way to use it up is to chop it into bits and throw some vinaigrette on it and serve it as a second salad. Yes yes I know I am not answering the question. But the tomato is so much tastier freshly cut, and I hate the taste of a refrigerated tomato (cut or uncut), and if I have a beautiful summer garden fresh tomato, why destroy the gorgeous taste? Might as well throw away the half if I can't finish it. I'd rather just eat the thing.

                Now if it is one of those wooden winter tomatoes, well, then sure, use all these techniques to save the other half, makes no difference to the taste at all.

                1. After some experimentation, the way I do it now is to wrap the cut side tightly with plastic wrap, so no air gets in, then store it on the counter. If the tomato's in good condition to start with - no bruises or soft spots - it'll last about a day this way. If I don't use it the next day, though, sometimes it gets mushy.

                  1. To refrigerate or not. Yes the debate continues. Sadly with the state of tomatoes today most have such little taste it really doesn't matter.

                    1. The leftover tomato gets wrapped in plastic wrap and plunked cut side down on the counter. If not used in a few hours, it is sliced along with some onion, salted/peppered, a little balsamic and fruity olive oil added, stirred and stored on the counter. If that is not eaten in an hour or so, it survives better in the fridge than an innocent virginal 'mater.

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                      1. I wrap in plastic wrap and leave it on the counter. I don't like them after they've been the fridge. Dad has been giving me some monster sized tomatoes and I've been using them to make tomato sandwiches. The wrapped in plastic slices don't sit around for more than a day though.

                        Something I used to do as a kid but haven't in year: Cover with mozarella cheese and microwave until cheese melts! I think i'll do that tonight.