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Aug 19, 2009 06:20 PM

Glarus Chocolatiere

Looking for information on Glarus Chocolates in Baltimore.
Has anyone tried it?

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    1. About a year ago I had these several days after having Spruegli's fresh truffles in Zurich. There is absolutely no comparison. We both felt they were "ok" but nothing exceptional.

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      1. re: Joe H

        Is there anything that could compare to swiss chocolate? It seems a little unfair to compare them this way (Ive never eaten Glarus but, give em a break)

      2. Been eating Glarus Chocolates for many years now - it was easy since their facility was close to my old shop. Really nice chocolates and really great people.

        1. Good truffles, but could add up pricewise (especially since they don't seem to hook you up with free samples...)

          1. I went to the Best of Baltimore party two years ago, and of everything I sampled, only Glarus blew me away. Very tasty and interesting flavor combinations (like lavendar), and I'm not even that much of a chocolate fiend.