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Birthday Requests?

Each year DH and I make requests for our birthday cake/treat. In years past I have requested; chocolate fondue and lemon meringue pie. this year I asked for a chocolate cup filled with Ben and Jerry's "Coffee coffee buzz buzz" ice cream. In years past he has gotten; Black out layer cake (ala Ebinger's, Chocolate layer cake, cheese cake and orange layer cake.
Tell us, what do you ask for on your special day?

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  1. To not have to cook for everyone else! :-) Seriously, I used to always ask for my grandmother's oatmeal spice cake with the broiled coconut topping. mmmmm But that hasn't been an option for a number of years, so now there isn't really a particular dessert I ask for, It's usually just a special place I ask to go every year which may be our favorite "occasion place" at the time, or maybe just somewhere I can go be with friends.

    I think we started a new tradition this year though. My BD is always right around super bowl weekend, and this year was the big 5-0. We went to VEGAS BABY, and had a blast. I think it may become an every year BD thing.

    1. when i was a child, it was a special-order all chocolate Carvel ice cream cake with extra fudge and extra "crunchies." sadly, now that i'm on a GF diet i can't eat the cake because of the crunchies, though Carvel is such crap now that i'm not sure it's really a big loss.

      i've yet to find a gluten-free, soy-free baked good better than what comes out of my own oven, and i refuse to bake my own birthday cake because it just seems wrong, somehow. fortunately i don't have much of a sweet tooth, so in all honesty i'd be happy with a scoop of really good gelato...particularly since my birthday falls during Summer.

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        OOOh, we used to live and die by those Carvel cakes!!! The best! And now I can't eat it either bc I can't take the ice cream!! How funny! Ah, the good ol' days!!

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          Phurst, i *promise* you're not missing out. i had Carvel cake a couple of times several years back (before i went GF), and it was truly wretched. it's definitely changed since i was a kid...and NOT for the better.

          actually, i posted about it:

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            Really?? Wow. Figures. Guess it's the way it goes, at least I'm over the fact that I can't eat ice cream. And probably 10 lbs lighter for it!! But I try to make up for it in other ways!!

      2. Funny you ask that, I have mine coming in about 3 weeks.....

        And I usually do ask for reservations for dinner. I don't want my poor DH to try to cook for me, he would be in the kitchen all day, and his specialty is scrambled eggs & hash!!!

        Anyway, when I was young and still living at home with Mom & Dad, my birthday dinner request would be the same: veal marsala, au gratin potatoes and green beans sauteed in butter with crushed Ritz crackers. And I would also request it everytime I came home from college!! Still crave it to this day!!

        1. My brother always had Boston Creme Pie made by my mom, and I always had a chocolate whipped cream cake from the Vienna Bakery in Chicago. I made my mom angel food cake with the center cavity filled with whipped cream and raspberries. And I can't remember what my father used to want, probably German chocolate cake.

          1. At work, I always request a strawberry shortcake cake from a local bakery. Its incredibly delicious, light and doesn't make you want to take a nap at your desk afterwards!

            1. The Nabisco Chocolate Wafer & Whipped Cream refrigerator cake.

              1. A babysitter and dinner at Magnolia Grill in Durham, NC.

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                  Rocky, my kids are 18 & 21 now but your answer made me laugh! I remember those days, it seems like not so long ago. I was once taken out for a "ladies lunch" to the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus by a couple of friends for my birthday. We had a great time, love their chicken salad and popovers with strawberry butter. When we were about to leave, one of the friends asked what I enjoyed the most? I replied, going to the bathroom alone without schlepping a stroller and a toddler!

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                    When I asked a friend with two toddlers what she wanted as a birthday gift, she answered "reservations!"

                  2. Ever since I was little Ive had the same cake- chocolate cake, chocolate icing and raspberry filling in between the layers....so rich a very small cake suffices my families chocolate craving :-)

                    1. When I was younger, it was always grandma's chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (which my mother and I have lost the recipe for!!! They were chewy, moist, and wonderful. we are now on a mission to experiment until we hit the right recipe).

                      These days, it's sour cream apple pie from Cover's (formerly Sonka's) apple ranch in tuolumne county (not sure what city it is lol). It's a great little ranch run by a group of Mennonites, which probably every elementary school class in the area visits at least once a year. Every year we drive 4 hours round trip for my birthday pie lol!

                      1. Just had my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Always look forward to my annual dobos torte birthday cake, even though I baked it myself this year.

                        1. not a request, but the best B'day cake I ever got was a Daquiri Ice and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins. Dark Choc cake and Daquiri Ice sherbet rolled up jelly roll style!! Twenty years later I can still taste it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          1. As a kid, I used to love ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen actually, despite my birthday being in November. Then graduated to chocolate cake with boiled icing. Now I like just a simple apple pie. :o)

                              1. Laurie Cake.

                                This is a moist chocolate cake with fluffy classic chocolate frosting, baked in a large sheet pan, so it's fairly thin (with a high frosting:cake ratio). My mom's colleague (Laurie), makes them for sale, and they are now standard fare for mom, dad, bro, me, and DH. We fight over the leftovers, and heaven forbid anyone should have to double-up birthdays on a cake- even though my husband and dad have birthdays three days apart, and mom and I 10 days.

                                I had a three-tier chocolate Laurie Cake for my wedding as well- Best Wedding Cake Ever.

                                1. I have always loved coconut and growing up I always wanted a coconut cake. But my mother would never get it for me because none of the other kids would eat it.
                                  Therefore, as an adult, the only thing I ever want on my birthday is some sort of coconut treat- a cake, a cupcake, a mounds bar, I'll take it.

                                  1. My special requests usually means "let's go somewhere in the neighborhood." It's hard because my husband and I seem to have opposite schedules, but he tries. Last year he brought me a piece of cheesecake made by Alexis Stewart.

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                                      It's his birthday on Sunday and DH has made his request...Carrot cake. Favorite recipes anyone? Do you bake it with pineapple or w/o? Raisins? If so white or black? Walnuts, pecans? How many layers?