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Aug 19, 2009 05:02 PM

Birthday Requests?

Each year DH and I make requests for our birthday cake/treat. In years past I have requested; chocolate fondue and lemon meringue pie. this year I asked for a chocolate cup filled with Ben and Jerry's "Coffee coffee buzz buzz" ice cream. In years past he has gotten; Black out layer cake (ala Ebinger's, Chocolate layer cake, cheese cake and orange layer cake.
Tell us, what do you ask for on your special day?

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  1. To not have to cook for everyone else! :-) Seriously, I used to always ask for my grandmother's oatmeal spice cake with the broiled coconut topping. mmmmm But that hasn't been an option for a number of years, so now there isn't really a particular dessert I ask for, It's usually just a special place I ask to go every year which may be our favorite "occasion place" at the time, or maybe just somewhere I can go be with friends.

    I think we started a new tradition this year though. My BD is always right around super bowl weekend, and this year was the big 5-0. We went to VEGAS BABY, and had a blast. I think it may become an every year BD thing.

    1. when i was a child, it was a special-order all chocolate Carvel ice cream cake with extra fudge and extra "crunchies." sadly, now that i'm on a GF diet i can't eat the cake because of the crunchies, though Carvel is such crap now that i'm not sure it's really a big loss.

      i've yet to find a gluten-free, soy-free baked good better than what comes out of my own oven, and i refuse to bake my own birthday cake because it just seems wrong, somehow. fortunately i don't have much of a sweet tooth, so in all honesty i'd be happy with a scoop of really good gelato...particularly since my birthday falls during Summer.

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        OOOh, we used to live and die by those Carvel cakes!!! The best! And now I can't eat it either bc I can't take the ice cream!! How funny! Ah, the good ol' days!!

        1. re: Phurstluv

          Phurst, i *promise* you're not missing out. i had Carvel cake a couple of times several years back (before i went GF), and it was truly wretched. it's definitely changed since i was a kid...and NOT for the better.

          actually, i posted about it:

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            Really?? Wow. Figures. Guess it's the way it goes, at least I'm over the fact that I can't eat ice cream. And probably 10 lbs lighter for it!! But I try to make up for it in other ways!!

      2. Funny you ask that, I have mine coming in about 3 weeks.....

        And I usually do ask for reservations for dinner. I don't want my poor DH to try to cook for me, he would be in the kitchen all day, and his specialty is scrambled eggs & hash!!!

        Anyway, when I was young and still living at home with Mom & Dad, my birthday dinner request would be the same: veal marsala, au gratin potatoes and green beans sauteed in butter with crushed Ritz crackers. And I would also request it everytime I came home from college!! Still crave it to this day!!

        1. My brother always had Boston Creme Pie made by my mom, and I always had a chocolate whipped cream cake from the Vienna Bakery in Chicago. I made my mom angel food cake with the center cavity filled with whipped cream and raspberries. And I can't remember what my father used to want, probably German chocolate cake.

          1. At work, I always request a strawberry shortcake cake from a local bakery. Its incredibly delicious, light and doesn't make you want to take a nap at your desk afterwards!