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Aug 19, 2009 05:00 PM

Best Cheeseburger in Tallahassee (Hint: 5 is not in title)

After years of swearing by a What-a-burger double meat and cheese, I had a J&M cheeseburger at Jim and Milt's today that blows it away. Large patty, I'm guessing 8 ounces, but not too big. Bun was good. Dressed with lettuce, tomato (2 large slices), and 6 or 7 pickle slices and grilled onions (by request), mayo and mustard, it was pure heaven. At 7 bucks with more fries than you can eat, it is well worth it. For those new to Tallahassee, Jim and Milt's is out Pensacola St. and is an institution for decades.

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  1. Well Steak that certainly sounds better than the 5-Oh place. Also beats PD Diner's Smashburgers which are interesting in concept (think D-I-Y Primante Bros) but skimpy on the smashins. And their fries are Ore-Ida crinkles. Nice to hear something else available at J&Ms other than the dried out Q I had last time. But I'm still leaning toward Ted's for a really good burger around these parts. They need a drive through, lol.

    1. I've lived in Tally for about two and a half years. I went on a search for the best ribs about a year and a half ago. Sadly, I didn't find anything really good. Jim & Milt's was near the bottom of the barrel.

      Maybe I need to give their burgers a try.

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        Agreed on the ribs or any BBQ. There is no really outstanding BBQ in Tallahassee. But the cheeseburgers are another story. Crew was right about the fries. Why not cut up some fresh potatoes??

      2. I really like 5 Guys. Another great burger is at Fusion. My stand-by though is the burger and fries deal at Cabo's.