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Aug 19, 2009 04:51 PM

HELP. Need a place for a business lunch near 89th and Columbus/Amsterdam.

Is Bella Luna or Roth's Steakhouse it?


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  1. Not sure whether they are open for lunch but check out B Cafe (Belgian, good beer selection which I know isn't perfect for a business lunch, but the food was good and the atmosphere was not pub-like.) There's also a Mermaid Inn on the same block, but again, not sure if they do lunch. Both on Amsterdam.

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    1. Zeytin on 85th and Columbus is open for lunch. It's a little informal, but has very good food, especially mezes, and I've experienced excellent service there. Not sure that's what you're looking for, though.

      1. my office is on the UWS and I tend to do most business lunches at either Isabellas or Nice Matin and recently West Branch.

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          I've tried business meals at Nice Matin and have always found it too noisy. If it's a nice day, an outside table might be better.