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Aug 19, 2009 04:51 PM

what to do with large pearl tapioca?

I was at a local Amish market and bought a bag thinking i've never cooked with this stuff so let me see what I can i'm stumped...I don't know if it's quick cooking, all it says is large pearl tapioca...thanks for any suggestions.....

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  1. Isn't that what's used to make boba/bubble tea? Believe so.

    While googling, I found this recipe for pudding, but I like its alternative name even better--"Eyeball Pudding!" WOOHOO, have fun! :)

    1. I've only seen it used in Asia for beverages like sago't gulaman or bubble tea. I may vaguely remember it used also like rice flour balls in coconut pudding for texture.

      If you search the term sabudana, you will across numerous Indian uses for it.

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        If you don't come up with anything that appeals to you, you can always grind it up in a blender or processor and use it to thicken fruit fillings or for regular tapioca pudding.

      2. Tapioca is a starch that is made in a manner similar to Couscous. The larger variety creates a very interesting visual experience (hence the name "fish eye" pudding) and with the right amount of sugar and flavoring of your choice it makes a wonderfully smooth pudding. A previously stated, it can be ground to a finer consistency and used as a thickening agent for stews. pie fillings, gravies, etc.
        I doubt that what you bought is "quick cooking". Those partially cooked products are usually found in commercially prepared box mixes.

        1. Once I did use those huge balls to make tapioca pudding - I had no idea it wasn't the same thing my aunt used!!! Definitely not quick cooking.

          You can definitely make them into a pudding, though keep in mind they will end up the size of blueberries, so texturally, it will be very different than most tapioca puddings. Or, you can make them into bubble tea...

          1. I believe there are some good recipes using pearl tapioca in Pichet Ong's The Sweet Spot. I remember a tapioca "affogatto" made with coffee, and another tapioca dessert with fruit, but it's been a while. At any rate, if you nose around the web for Asian inspired recipes, I bet you'll pull up some interesting uses for that bag of tapioca pearls.

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              Thanks everyone for the suggestions and links. I havea lot of fresh fruit around and the bubbble tea fruit drink sounds great!

              I'm also interested in grinding some of it up and trying it as pudding or as a thickener, I'm assuming it has a pretty neutral taste and can be added to most anything that needs thickening? Is there a rule of thumb for home much to use as a thickener? Say I want to make a nectarine pie, what would you suggest - couple of tablespoons?? Thanks again