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If you only had 15 minutes?

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If you only had 15 minutes to get something to eat in Manhattan, Where would it be ? What would it be? And why?

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  1. for me, it'd be dumplings at one of many chinatown eateries. one buck, four-five dumplings. instant service. the place on mosco street also offers a nice scallion pancake and easy access to columbus park for a pleasant al fresco spot to eat up.

    1. When I was a NYC Teaching Fellow in Brooklyn I never had time and it was always a street cart. Fast and cheap. No decent pizza nearby so I couldn't grab a slice.

      1. I'd have a falafel at Alfanoose, or an uni panini (sic) at El Quino Pino, or chile rellonos at Zaragoza (215 Ave A).


        1. Pork & shrimp dumplings @ Mantao
          Tacos from Tehuitzingo
          Chile relleno burrito from Tulcingo del Valle
          As many of those brown butter sandwich cookies I could get my hands on from "The Treats Truck"


          1. I'd feast on pommes frites drenched in garlic aoili while on my way to vanessa's for dumplings ( 5 months ago i would have said the chicken mushroom ones, but they changed the recipe so I will go with the pork and cabbage).

            1. Halal cart on 53rd and 6th. Good stuff.

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                Grey's Papaya - 72nd & Broadway
                Chicken Schnitzel at Pita Joe's

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                  Unfortunately you have to wait 20 minutes on line at lunchtime.

                2. I'd be waiting in line for a chicken on pita with three kinds of sauces from the crazy guy at the corner of Broadway and Beaver downtown. Love those meals.

                  1. 15 minutes? Does it include wait and eating time ?

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                        That's what I thought too because some of these meals mentioned takes 15 minutes to eat, and that's not including ordering and wait time.

                    1. Maoz falafel because you can eat and walk and it's very filling if you stuff the pita
                      Pinche Taqueria fish tacos, order at the counter eat outside on a bench
                      Grey's Papaya is always a standby
                      Lamb Pita from Kwik Kart on 45th for eating on the go (but it is messy)
                      Any mozzarella sandwich from Okiba Mozzarella Bar
                      Slice of Sullivan St Bakery potato pizza (from Dean & Deluca's usually)

                      1. Big Wong. Anyone who has ever eaten in there knows that they can be in and out within 15 minutes if they ordered any of their rice dishes. Service is lightning fast. Oh and i'd order their combination rice plate which includes roast pork, fried egg over easy and soy chicken/or duck.

                        1. El Idolo Taco truck on 14th and 8th Ave... I love their tacos de chicharron.

                          1. Porchetta,,the potatoes with pork ,,, its fast and amazing

                            1. If I had only 15 minutes to live I'd get a sausage garlic pie at John's Pizza on Bleeker-call in the order ahead to take out and beat the line and eat outside.

                              1. 15 minutes? Slice of pizza down the street