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Aug 19, 2009 04:00 PM

huckleberry jam?

Hi all,

I picked a bunch of huckleberries last night. I want to make jam, and looked on the internet for recipes. Some have a little butter in them. I had never seen butter in a jam recipe before. What's its function? Wouldn't it coagulate when the jam cooled? Does anyone have a very good huckleberry jam or sauce (to put on ice cream, for instance) recipe? I don't want to water them down or ruin them.

On Sunday I also picked some, and those became the huckleberry crisp from this month's Saveur--amazing!

let me know--thanks!


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  1. I wondered that too...with a little more research, I discovered that it cuts down on the foam that appears while boiling. One recipe suggested adding a little oil if it got too foamy....I think I would leave it out, and just be ready to skim that foam.