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Aug 19, 2009 03:08 PM

For Lunch You Have Your Choice Of Chicken With Noodles

Though they've been open for several weeks, I seemed to end up going by Asoca Fusion House in Monterey Park only when they were closed. Based on their logo, a ubiquitous cartoonish lobster, plus the "seafood fusion" sign I expected perhaps a variation of Boiling Crab with some kind of twist. Driving by today I noticed they were open and jumped out even though I already had my usual wonderful order of Guilin rice noodle soup from Eight Cafe. Walking into Asoca I was handed a lunch menu that took me aback. The only choices that can be ordered between 7am and 4pm from what I thought to be a seafood fusion restaurant were five types of chicken with noodles (e.g., with/without soup, with/without ginseng), plus a couple of a la carte chicken topping choices. I ordered the chicken noodle soup to go, but still puzzled I asked if there was a separate dinner menu. Well, they do have a complete dinner menu, but it still was a little confusing. The front page was exclusively grilled skewer items--chicken, vegetables, squid, etc., costing from a couple of dollars to several dollars per item. The middle two pages contained assorted noodle, meat and vegetable items you'd find at any Chinese restaurant. Only in a small section of the back page was there any seafood fusion--cajun style crab, clams, and one other seafood variety I don't recall. It all seemed rather random to me, but if any subsequent visitor can explain the concept to me, I would appreciate it.

Asoca Fusion House is at 743 E. Garvey. The chicken noodle soup was very good--the broth being tasty and natural. And I couldn't find any lobster on the menu.

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  1. Their website is equally unhelpful, and rather baffling.

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      Wow...that's like a new level of mystery LOL!

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        Well that's definitely a night view of the restaurant--the main entrance is on the side next to the parking lot. Is that a police car in the photo? I'm wondering if this is another one of those crazy Taiwanese night spots. Forgot to mention that the dinner menu headings are kind of weird--they don't categorize the food by description, but rather with silly sayings.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          They have valet parking, or some weird facsimile of "valet" parking.

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          But do you know the good news? It certainly looks like they saved a lot of money by not hiring a professional photographer and a professional web designer!

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            Hahaha, those look like surveillance camera still photos.

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              Some of the same pictures have shown up on Yelp. Additional pictures there have revealed a couple other things. Looks like the chef grill ups their skewers outside adjacent to the parking lot. Also seems like they get some decent crowds at night, unless those were extras hired for the pictures.