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Aug 19, 2009 02:47 PM

Manchester Indian

I have been going to Manchester once a year on business for almost fifteen years now. I am also as obsessed with food as anyone who has ever posted on CH. (I've been on here for almost ten years.) This trip I plan to return to Akbar's and EastZeast. Is there better? Over the years I have probably been to fifteen or more Indian restaurants whether in Rushholm or elsewhere and for the moment these seem to be the best. Several years ago I was also fortunate to be able to have dinner at Vineet Bhatia in London and before he opened this, a number of meals at Zaika, all in London.

Is there anything in Manchester to compare to the extraordinary and unique Vineet Bhatia? Can I do better than Akbar's or EastZeast for more traditional curry and Indian?

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  1. "Can I do better than Akbar's or EastZeast"

    No. They remain the best in the city centre.

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      I went to Akbar's three nights in a row. Now, back in Washington, I miss it terribly! A post of mine on the D. C. board:

      Akbar's lamb chops were the single best dish I have ever had in an Indian restaurant. Their "chicken and chili Balti" is the best curry I have ever had in an Indian restaurant. Over the three nights we probably worked our way through 20 or more dishes with the lamb chops ordered every single night.

      I should also note that on Monday night every single one of the 150+ seats was filled. The place is enormously popular.

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        I don't know if you've tried Shimla Pinks when you've been in the city centre but it might be worth a try for you - I'd rate it third after the other two.

        If you have time, you might want to get the tram out to Altrincham and try Dilli.