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Bakery and Artichokes near Aptos

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Spending the weekend in Aptos and need a good bakery and fresh baby artichokes (not necessarily from the same place). Any options?

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  1. at Cabrillo College on Soquel Dr, Saturday morning, there is a very good Farmer's Market. There are a couple of bakeries--one for breads, one for pastries, both on the lower levels. Baby artichokes should be there if you find regular artichokes--there are lots of produce vendors, seafood, cheese, oils, flowers, you name it. Jivey live music even. And good coffee.

    You could always run down to Castroville for baby artichokes if none at the FM. It's about 15 minutes from Aptos just off Hiway 1.

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      Gayles Bakery in Capitola would be a great choice for the bakery...


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        I second Gayles. It was recommended to me by fellow hounds when I made the same request as edgrimley. It's easy to find (close to the freeway) and it's very good. I still think about their chocolate pots de creme from time to time and regret having only one.

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        Sweet Elena's Bakery is the Cabrillo Farmer's Market stall for sweet and savory pastries. Elena comes from a solid baking background via France and Nepenthe.

        Her pastries are extraordinaire!

        read about the bakery here:

        it's a don't-miss experience (the whole Farmer's Market) for me when in Aptos area.