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Aug 19, 2009 02:40 PM

chocolate chip cookies

looking for the best or any style... thin/crispy, thick/chewy, with nuts and without...


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  1. i do something close to the Jacques Torres recipe recently published in the NY (?) Times. i use different chocolate pieces than he does, and tweak here and there. i like the overnight chill time. i think it does allow the flavors to deepen. i also make much smaller cookies than called for, and cook for 2/3 the time, which produces a crisp exterior and a chewy interior. everyone raves about the texture, the flavor, and the sea salt contrast.

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      The NYTimes recipe is the best I've made and my go-to CCC recipe. Highly recommended. Everyone loves them and wants the recipe. They wont last for more than 20 minutes! Like Emme, I tweak a bit. I use AP Flour, instead of the two sep flours. The fridge time is essential, though. Also use Guittard choc discs from Williams Sonoma.

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        When I have time, this is my go-to recipe for chewy cookies. I've started using eGuittard chips that I can get from World Market. If I want quick cookies and have dough in the refrigerator, I use the panini press for good quick cookies w/ a crispy exterior, chewy interior. The minute people bite into these, they moan and say, "This is obviously not the tollhouse cookie!"

        For a quick chewy cookie, I use the Best Recipe Big and Chewy cookie recipe. It comes together in no time and I can finish making a batch well under an hour. For a crisp, more adult cookie, I like Neiman Marcus's cookie, not the one in the myth but the one on their site that uses espresso powder.

      2. I'm always trying new chocolate chip recipes, but still think Toll House are the best.

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          thin - alton brown's the thin (bake full time)
          chewy - torres w/mix of bread and cake flour plus chilling time (see martha stewart). the best, big, fat chewy cookies from is also very good (it's the ATK recipe calling for 1 egg, 1 yolk)
          nuts - i guess you could add nuts to any of the above, right? tollhouse calls for them

        2. for large, chewy cookies, chill the dough, use a round scoop to portion dough, and put a dimple in the top. They will come out more like Mrs Field's. If the recipe you find doesn't have salt, add a pinch. Cookies need salt to balance the sweet. I also grate just a dash of fresh nutmeg into the flour. Just a dash though.

          Also, try Guittard's choc baking pieces. They are a huge improvement over Nestle's type chips.