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Aug 19, 2009 02:34 PM

Great KC (MO) Lunch Spots

Two fine lunches in two days, in very different settings.
Hooray for Swagger at 85th & Wornall. I can't wait to go back on a Saturday with football on the TV's. The Beef on Weck was a perfect replica of the Buffalo original. Great fries and onion rings, wide selection of beers in a neat and tidy establishment. Don't be put off by the exterior, this is a promising neighborhood hangout.
Today, the Farmhouse at Third & Delaware provided a wonderful Corned Beef & Cabbage ruben and terrific chicken salad. We sat outside & enjoyed the mild August afternoon. If they had a liquor license, a bottle of wine might have kept us there for hours.
Neither place has any pretentions, but both are really trying to add variety to the standard lunch menu.

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  1. We had a good lunch at Kansas City Cafe on some hound's rec (I'm sorry to say i can't recall who...) Pork and shrimp burger with a nice tangy sauce and fresh bun, good salad with grilled chicken, fresh iced tea, and quite reasonable.

    1. check out It's a great blog on the subject.